How Can I Relax to Enjoy Sex?

you will never enjoy it till you come to terms with what happened to you and know it's not your fault and remember even if you dip a rose in .s.h.i.t. it's still a rose and even though you have been through hell you are still someones angel

How Can I Relax to Enjoy Sex? 1

1. Should I relax my hair?

Plase dont, relaxers are very damaging to hair and you will just be screwing yourself over int he long run And for gods sake please do not try to put harmful chemicals on your head especially not being train, relaxers can cause serious burns.

2. How can I relax the cables on my circular needles?

You need to have nearly boiling water and it takes about a minute in the hot water. You then need to hold them straight while they cool. Do NOT put the needle points in the hot water, cables only.

How Can I Relax to Enjoy Sex? 2

3. Thick hair-how often should I relax it?

Like the first person said, every 6 to 12 weeks. Although you should really try not to relax your hair since the chemicals in those things are really damaging to hair. Maybe try the cocoa keratin treatment instead? It smoothes out your hair and makes it strong and healthy because keratin is a natural protein. You can get it online at beyas if you want. For conditioning, look for the pro naturals system, the argan oil in their products helps hair so much! Or you can use home stuff like avocado, banana, olive oil, honey, eggs, milk, etc. Lots of stuff. Once or twice a week is good enough

4. shal i relax my hair?

heeeeeeeeeeeeell no if ur hair looks more white...why the heeell would u relax it... ur hair is too fragile and will fall out...even with the mildest relaxer out there...and u will get scabs all on ur scalp becuz whoever does ur hair will be jealous and leave it on for too long...cuz black girls hate on other black girls with nice just be grateful and dont ruin it...just get a really good flatiron or something

5. How can I relax and not worry too much?

Do not overthink... they know you do not have management experience so they are not hiring for a difficult position.. this sounds like a foot in the door position. Just relax, answer honestly, try not to show how nervous you are. Good luck!.

6. pregnancy test pregnant or not should i relax?

If Nov 24th is the last time you had sex, then you are wasting your time doing all these tests. You are not pregnant

7. How can I relax, so I can squirt for my boyfriend?

I would love to come to your house with DD and show you how it's done..

8. when I relax my eyes while looking at things up close?

No you wont need glasses, i used to have this problem, it happens when your eyes become unfocused

9. How can I relax and feel safe in therapy? The more I try to calm myself, the worst I feel.I wasn't honest with my therapist when we tried some techniques. I'm ashamed of myself, she tries so hard and nothing realy works.I am sick of myself so much.

Relax, to your therapist your a 1 hour job she does not care about your deep feelings she just goes along with her techniques if they work they work if not she tried what she was taught.People think their so important that therapist lose sleep over them, the second you leave that room you are forgotten, she can not take all her clients to heart.Your just a face in the crowd to a therapist, sorry that's life..........

10. How can I relax before public speaking? (High School)?

Hey, I found this article on my hardware. Hope you will find it useful: =============== Reduce your fear of speaking by taking the following steps. 1) Conduct Research. Visit or call key participants to ask them what they expect from your presentation. That is, what do they want to learn from it? What do they already know about this topic? How will your presentation help them? Such conversations enlist these people as your allies during your presentation. It also helps you learn what people expect, so that you can deliver it. This is like collecting the answers to an exam before taking it. 2) Prepare. Write an outline, and if possible write a script for key parts of it (such as the opening and close). Then practice giving your presentation, without reading the script until you know it so well that you can deliver it conversationally. Avoid trying to memorize a script. That makes things too complicated and difficult. Practice your speech anywhere and at any time. For example, you can talk through parts of it while jogging, working on chores, or taking a shower. 3) Rehearse. Practice your talk in the meeting room with a group of friends, coworkers, and (if possible) your boss. Ask for their comments on how to improve your talk. Also, use this as an opportunity to become familiar with the room and any equipment, such as a projector. 4) Be the Host Arrive early so that you can meet and greet the attendees before your presentation. Shake their hands and thank them for coming. Introduce yourself to them and engage them in small talk. (e.g., How are you?) Act as if they were guests coming to your party. This converts them from strangers into friends. 5) Expect Success Fantasize doing a wonderful job. If you let nightmares run through your mind, you will scare yourself. Give yourself confidence by expecting to do well. Know that everyone wants you to do an excellent job. Bonus Point The key to success is being prepared. It helps you do a better job and fills you with confidence.

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