How Do I Keep Our Dog Off the Sofa When We Are Not Home?

com sell these mat things that have little pokes on them and you can set them on your couch and it will be uncomfortable for the dog so eventually he will learn that the sofas are uncomfortable

1. how do i get rid of stubborn stains of my sofa?

Use the bedroom instead

2. How often are your kids heads on the butt part of the sofa with their legs thrown over the top?

lol My kids still do it and they are 9 and 13 so .. expect it to last a long time. The only reason I do not do it myself is because my wittle wovey baby dog would lick my face off

3. Where can I get a SOFA depicting scenes of the BAYEUX TAPESTRY?

I have one for sale if your still looking",

4. i broke a small part of my dark brown sofa's leather. i do not want hubby to see! please tell me how to men

search for a leather repair kit, its a liquid that u apply to the torn sofa and let it dry. it bonds the torn piece back together. it wont be noticable

5. I am looking for a contemporary, well-made, good quality sofa.?

sofa king ikea

6. Which one of these swords are better for sword fighting?

1) Only one mekugi? At that price that is a surprise. I do not need to read any further to tell you that this one is not meant to be used for anything except to be hung on the wall. Stay away from wall space above your bed, sofa, etc so if the blade falls it does not kill someone in the process. Even cheap wall hangers have 2 mekugi or at least they glue the blade into the handle. Looked again. The pic of the handle actually does show 2 mekugi so not sure what to make of it. However, the handle looks really thin which is great if you are a girl and have small hands. For a guy this is not an advantage. My teacher had one of those swords with a tsuka that was real thin. He eventually gave up on the sword and bought a new one. 2) Not sure as it is vague in the description 3) Looks promising. Like the clay tempering and differential hardening. 4) swordsmith668 is swordsmith Yao. I have two of his blades and like them. They are good practice swords and do a nice job for cutting practice. 5) It's folded but not differentially hardened. Does not specify what kind of steel used in the making. I would be careful if I wanted it for cutting practice. 6) Looks OK too. PS: A sharp sword should never be used for 'sword fighting'. I hope you did not really mean this.

7. How comfortable is the chair to sit in when it is colder in the room, or is it like sitting on sofa and gets comfortable?

A sofa is always mr comfortable than a chair. I wish I could write in a sofa, but I need to be upright

8. Do senior citizens find they have ended their life having the first furniture they bought, like a sofa?

Only pieces I absolutely am in love with. Most of the furniture we began with has been "borrowed" by children as they needed it when they moved out. My favorite furniture is used and sturdy and has a bit of character. New furniture just does not excite me at all.

9. what colour rug would go with natural walls a terracotta sofa and taupe curtains?

I would either go a shade lighter of the terracotta or even try a dark brown (in the same color family). To be safe you could always go with a nice sand color, but that would be a bit boring

10. I'm considering purchasing a Soho Strata Sofa online.?

My old boss had one of these in love seat size in his office. I always liked it. It does have a firm seat, but with just enough give so it's not like you are sitting on a rock. And the microfiber is really nice & soft to touch. It's probably not a couch that you would fall asleep on while watching TV, but for entertaining guests I think it would be great

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How Do You Thoroughly Disinfect a Leather Sofa?
Call a leather company or a store that sells leather furniture and explain your situation to them. They can give you probably good advise!1. How can I stop my cat from urinating on my leather sofa?Once a cat pees on furniture, the only way to get the cat to stop is to remove the furniture. Once their scent in on something they will continue to urinate in the same spot2. how do I get ink off of a leather sofa?ohhh leather lol can you put another ink stain on an invisible part of your couch? then try just a regular eraser like the green ones we used at school and just try to erase it? my mom did that on Naugahyde (sp?) when I was small.3. How often should I condition my leather sofa?Take a picture now that its new and when it begin's to look dull time for the leather soap conditioner or ask the store salesman he should know or read the product lable in any store that carrys it4. What color walls will work with forest green leather sofa?a few variations of brown work, it also depends on the colour of the rest of your furniture. Also, a few shades of blue work too5. HELP!!!! my daugther has just put pink nail varnish all over my leather sofa how do i get it off ??r=12518891?WHITE VINAGER6. What should you put on a Leather Sofa to keep it looking good?I am sure there is an Armorall product to protect fine leather...usually sold at Auto Mart type stores..used for leather interior in a car. Have fun!.7. how do i get biro marks off a cream leather sofa?get some fairy liquid(green). do not dilute it. put some over the marks and leave for 20 Min's. remove gently with a hot damp cloth. use the fairy sparingly.8. How do I get my husband to give up our leather sofa (new vegan here)?Well, first be patient. Leather couches are expensive, and giving up a big investment is never easy. Maybe looking for a better couch to replace it with might be the right tract.You could also try the "foot in the door" phenomena and get his cooperation on something smaller first. Giving up an already purchased leather couch isn't going to change much of anything, though, so maybe it's not the hill you want to die on. Focusing on new purchases might be a good route to go; eventually the leather couch will stand out.How do I get my husband to give up our leather sofa (new vegan here)?.9. How do you get stains out of a leather sofa?leather cleaner its oil based if you are in an emergency put a little olive oil on a cloth and gently rub10. Red leather sofa mismatching carpet!!! OMG?Too much!!!! First see if you can find some throw pillows with both colors to help bring it together. If not, replace the carpet.11. Can I Paint A Black Leather Sofa White?Sure, if you want it to look like crap by the next day! FYI - Leather sofa's can not be painted! They can only be dyed, but since your leather is already black, you can not dye it lighter. Why not cover it with a beautiful quilt or throw to cover up some of the black? Or sell it on and buy yourself a new sofa12. What can I use to color and oil a leather sofa that I use outside on a screened porch?Myself i would just use regular old saddle soap to clean and keep the leather protected.You can get a can of it from TSC or a farming type store or any store that sell horse supplies.I use it on my leather coats and chaps13. Can i use dove cream for my leather sofa?You would be better off to use products intended for leather14. what color theme go well with a black leather sofa?Tan, deep red and gold tones15. Stiches from my leather sofa came out?How to fix it ?If the glue does not work, you can buy needles for tough material such as leather or fake leather, and then just stich it up by hand so it does not get bigger and bigger
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