How Much Should I Charge for a Cd with All the Pictures on It?

Here is my take and advice on this, and by the way, this is always a very hotly debated topic among photographers, i.e. giving or selling CDs. You have to decide what market you are seeking and how you want to be perceived. In the great majority of cases, those wanting the CD are not clients you would consider to be in the "high end" market. They are after what they can get as cheap as they can get it. They are not concerned with having the best photos if front of them as a tangible form of art. So what do you want to be? A person who sells files on CD, or be known as a person who ONLY provides high quality photographs that are to be treasured for years and generations to come as heirlooms and works of art? You have to also consider your reputation. I hope any prints you provide are done by a PRO lab, (and that does NOT mean Walmart or Costco or any such place), that produces top quality printing, color correction, and mounting options. (Mpix is one of the best, but there are plenty of others). If you hand people a CD of your hard made work, you are basically giving them a blank canvas with your signature on the bottom. You have no idea what hideous prints they will produce from the CD. Just because the files are excellent on the CD does NOT mean they will be printed that way by the typical consumer. Do you REALLY want your work displayed and shown by people when it has been printed on a cheap home ink jet printer on a flimsy piece of typing paper? Do you WANT people saying YOUR name when they show horrid prints to others? Save yourself the grief. Simply do NOT offer your photos on CD. This is a result of digital photography. People never would consider expecting a professional photographer to hand over all film negatives. Those are YOUR photos, you have the copyright. Do not let other people ruin your reputation by letting them do anything and everything with your work. If they insist on having a CD, politely refuse saying it is a service you do not offer and that you are there to provide beautiful photographs, not files on a 35 cent piece of plastic. If they continue to insist, then let them go. You have to learn to REFUSE clients that are not a fit for your business model. Do not let the client tell YOU how to operate. That is MY suggestion, and it comes not only from research, but from personal experience. steve

1. Picking my courses for high school?

Decorative Handcrafts i assume would be like making things thats like art? but not completely its probably a class where you make those colorful vases. Fashion Arts? come on thats obvious its like designing clothes and digital photography is where you take pictures of things with a digital camera...i guess they consider that "art" or something.

2. What comes to mind when I say?

The word cartoon has various meanings, based on several very different forms of visual art and illustration. The artists who draw cartoons are known as cartoonists. The term has evolved over time. The original meaning was in fine art, where cartoon meant a preparatory drawing for a piece of art, such as a painting or tapestry. The modern meaning refers to both humorous illustrations in print and animated films. Even more recently, there are several contemporary meanings, including creative visual work for electronic media and animated digital media. When the word cartoon is applied to print media, it most often refers to a humorous single-panel drawing or gag cartoon, most of which have typeset captions rather than speech balloons. The word cartoon is sometimes used to refer to a comic strip, and it can also refer to a humorous illustration for fiction or nonfiction published in newspapers and magazines. The Simpsons, Family Guy, SpongeBob SquarePants!

3. I want to propose to my fiancee'?

Oh. I would love that! (If she likes art) VERY romantic. Go for it! Keep us posted

4. as an artist, how can i find new inspiration sources? specially in painting.?

First, try to pinpoint what it is that moves you and most your artwork revolves around. It could be architecture, landscape, design factors like simple images repeated, portraits, animals. I go online and checkout other artists work, there's a world of it, all kinds! If you draw/paint, look at sculpture or clay artists, look at a different medium than you work in. Go visit your local art museum, galleries, art centers exhibits. Get together with other artists and discuss art/problems with art, etc. Listen to upbeat music when you work, leave the tv OFF, not good to get your mind off what you are doing. I love architecture and my work is totally based on it...I go to St. Louis and look at all the great buildings and mirrored windows there. I took 100's of black/white pics to keep for my inspiration too. Maybe just taking a break from art will give you a new lease on it...take a walk, see a movie, have a cup of coffee/tea with friends, take a breather. Write down your thoughts when you are creating, leaving radio, tv and friends off. Find out what goes on inside your psyche, what you "really" think about. You might find some new ideas there. These are all things I had to do and it works. I wish you well

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