How to Ensure the Measurement Accuracy of Orifice Flowmeter

Orifice flowmeter is a flow measuring device without scale. It is used together with pneumatic, electric differential pressure transmitter or double bellows differential pressure transmitter. The differential pressure generated by the flow of liquid, gas and steam with medium temperature ≤ 400 ℃ through the orifice plate is continuously measured in the metallurgical, chemical, petroleum and power industrial systems. The differential pressure signal is converted into a proportional output signal by the transmitter, and then the measured flow is recorded, indicated or adjusted by the secondary instrument or regulator.

How to ensure the measurement accuracy of orifice flowmeter mainly includes three aspects:

1、 Selection and installation

We have not carried out the selection or installation in strict accordance with the technical requirements, which is the most situation we have encountered in recent years. The wrong selection or installation has also become the main reason for the measurement error. Therefore, before selecting or installing the orifice flowmeter, it is necessary to clearly understand the medium conditions, installation conditions and other parameters, and then make the selection and installation scheme according to the actual conditions, so as to avoid unnecessary waste or deviation caused by improper installation.

2、 Poor maintenance or improper operation

The long-term fluctuating operation and accurate measurement of the orifice flowmeter are based on continuous maintenance. In particular, the pressure tapping part needs to be kept unobstructed and clean. The operation of the instrument must also be carried out in strict accordance with the operation manual, otherwise the measurement data will be affected, and the orifice flowmeter will be damaged, It affects the metering accuracy and service life of orifice flowmeter.

3、 Process change

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