How to More Durable Digital Camera Battery Maintenance Skills

The battery is the key to the digital camera. I'm afraid its importance is second only to the lens. In order to shoot smoothly, a strong battery as a follow-up power supply is essential. However, no matter how good the battery is in time, if it is not well maintained, it will not take long to lose its strong power, so battery maintenance is very important.

Battery maintenance

For a digital camera battery, the length of use is not only related to its quality and power, but also related to the user's use and operation. Most photography lovers habitually put the camera in the photography bag or in the cabinet after using the camera. The battery is not taken out and stored separately. This sounds like no problem, but it is not conducive to the protection of the battery.

Generally, if you don't use the camera for more than 15 days, it's best to take the battery out of the camera and store it separately. It's best to keep it in a dry and cool place, and don't store the battery with metal objects.

Rechargeable battery test

According to our survey, most of the digital cameras available on the market use lithium batteries, which are relatively convenient to store. The only thing to note is that if it is not used for a long time, it is best to activate the battery every two months, that is, impulse discharge, which can effectively prolong the battery life.

As for Ni MH 5 battery, the most annoying is the memory effect, which will reduce the total capacity and service time of the battery, and with the passage of time, the stored charge will be less and less, and the battery will consume faster and faster. Therefore, we should try our best to use up all the power before recharging. Each time we charge, we must charge to the full before we can cut off the power.

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