How to Test Your Fuel Pressure & Heart Rate

If I have a resting heart rate of 110 I know I have an infection of some type. This is my reaction. The BP is good unless it is considerably low for you. My pulse tends to be in the low 90s resting. My BP tends to be 114/74. If I get up too fast I get light-headed.

How to Test Your Fuel Pressure & Heart Rate 1

1. If there is a correlation between low heart beat and longer lifespan, will propranolol increase lifespan just because it reduces heart rate?

I do not believe there is a correlation with any disease and lifespan as none of us how we are going to die and when is it going to happen and what will cause our death. There can be estimates with doctors saying that with a unsolved disease tht you may have so many months or years based on average information but it is n estimate which can give time to get your affairs in order if you want but you could blow it by crossing the street and being hit by a car leaving the doctor's office. You are looking for God on earth in the shape of a man or woman and if the truth rings true you found a mentor but the reality is no on knows when our time is up except that Creator who gave us life.

2. If you're a personal trainer, how to you figure out your heart rate, etc ?

Calculations for target heart rates and other info are described at the link:

How to Test Your Fuel Pressure & Heart Rate 2

3. my baby had a high heart rate while i was 8 months pregnant with her?

It's best to check with your doctor, but in truth she sounds like a very normal 8 month old who just does not yet know how to fall asleep on their own

4. what are some ways that I can bring my heart rate down with out medication?

Exercise can help lower the heart rate. Start slowly with walking. This might help with your anxiety too!

5. hi i,m taking blood pressure med do this affect my heart rate as i,m exercising?

this is good you will still get the efftects blood preasure meds do lower the heart rate

6. If my heart rate is the same performing two different routines (let's say interval training and hiking), am I burning the same amount of calories?

No , there are many factors first of all gap between food taken and exercise done and also duration.If I do cardio then my heart stays high during the activity compared to weight training but once activity is over the body comes to normal metabolic state very fast for cardio but it takes some time for weights so in those ways activities vary

7. I want to buy (max. $300) a training/heart rate watch to use with exercise bike and jogging. Any suggestions?

for just heart rate the Garmin Forerunner 50 is great. I use it cycling and running for just heart rate (I look down and can tell if i am working hard enough, too hard, or not hard enough depending on what type of training day it is). Plus, the accessories (heart strap and the speed/cadence sensor) are compatible with the higher end devices. I am planning to upgrade to a Garmin Edge 305 bike computer/GPS and I already have all the accessories I need (and will keep using the watch when running).

8. Will your heart rate go up if you hold your breath and draw for 1 minute?

I've experimented with how various breath techniques affect my BP using a BP cuff. You could do the same with any type of HR monitor.My BP settles when I exhale very slowly a few times. When I breathe deeply then hold my breath, my BP rises

9. Did my first fetal non-stress test today and the baby's heart rate was all over the place?

I never had a stress test but if your doctor said it was normal, why worry? Yet, you are. So call your doctor's office and ask to speak with one of the nurses. Tell her your concerns and let her address them. Best- DN

10. Is there anything OTC you can take to slow your heart rate when coming off opiates?

I do not know where you live, I will assume the US. I have been in recovery for opiate addiction for 5 years. I see what all these people are saying. However, when people tell you just to breathe, they do not know. Buy OTC imodium, get the biggest bottle you can find or afford. Not the quick release capsules, just the regular pills. These are non toxic so you wo not OD. Start by taking 10. It will also help the diarrhea to come. If within 30-45 min you feel no relief take 5 more and continue to do this. It will help I swear it. Also, take Red Vein Bali Kratom. It's a supplement you can buy online or in pretty much any smoke shop. Do the research and you will see this is the go to OTC for opiate withdrawal and trying to get off opiates. I have done this many times and see friends do it and I swear it's a miracle. If you can find it, get it! You wo not be sorry. It mimics the effects of opiates without it being an opiate so your body can flush itself of that shit.Lastly, do you know a doctor that can prescribe suboxone or subutex. If you do and you are comfortable talking to them then go ask for it. It makes life a hell of a lot easier. If you are serious about getting clean then check out this Avenue and be honest with the doctor. There is no judgment whatsoever and the more honest you are the more they are willing to help. Good luck and God blessIs there anything OTC you can take to slow your heart rate when coming off opiates?

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