How to Use a Car Battery Or Motorcycle Battery to Run a Dc Motor Attached with Wheels?

Harvey to quote you "so basically my professor was i do not know? freakin' lazy-irresponsible-i-do not -know-what-he was freakin' retarded!" Maybe the above referers to you? Possibly your attitude needs a bit of an adjustment. you can use a computer. LOOK IT UP.

1. What will happen to performance of a DC motor if we give a cut on commutator (reduce dia)?

None if there is enough material to make the cut and enough travel in the brushes (normally not a problem) Some inexpensive motors will have a thin conductive coating on the commutator and a cut will ruin the motor

2. In using a dc motor controller for electric vehicles?

Current, is itself a rate of flow, it has units of coulombs per second. usually there are multiple ratings on a motor, there is a continuous rating, 1 hour rating, which is slightly higher, 5 minute rating, 5 second rating...You can actually graph the amp rating on one axis with time duration on the other. You should match the motor and controller. If the continuous rating on the motor is 30 amps, you should get a controller that can supply 30 amps continuously. For peak amperage flow the controller is usually the limiting factor.

3. does any one know how to make a self powered 12v alternator powerd with a high powered 12 dc motor loop system?

in case you comprehend something approximately electric powered concept and alertness, what you are describing is an difficulty-free tank circuit,, the only distinction is the applying of the resistance, in concept it could paintings, however the consistent load on the battery and the alternator could kill the condensers and additionally something of the circuit to objective and carry it in operation. to place it in extra straightforward words, it could be like having a mouse capture that no longer basically cleans itself, yet resets immediately for the subsequent targeted visitor/sufferer, bait or no longer in diesel automobiles, this technique already exists, in a warm bulb application, the only ingredient it demands is the consistent addition of ok-a million and bunker oil

4. 12v dc motor rotate once and then stop

Strap it to a rotary encoder and count the number of pulses generated. Based on the speed of the pulses you should be able to figure out how quickly you need to stop or reverse in order to end up at exactly 360

5. DC Motor driver using MOSFET(IRFZ44N)

this is Karl. If you are using the battery to supply the motor and a power adaptor for the logic circuits, be sure to check if the signal and power grounds are connected. This FET should ideally work fine but if it loads the logic gate when connected to the gate (cause the logic gate is probably TTL), then use a spare op-amp in your LM358 and configure it as a buffer to your gate. At Vgs = 4V, it can sink 10 Amps per se. 5V from the logic circuit wo not saturate it yet but should allow the required current to run your motor. A logic level just operates at cut-off and saturation, which this IRFZ44 is capable of. It can operate linearly also but since you only give it 5V and 0V, then it becomes logic-controlled

6. Why would the starting current of a large DC motor be excessively high if the starter is not included in the circuit?

Because there is no back emf at starting.Ia = (Vt - Eb)/RaWhen back emf is zero, the numerator is high and also the armature resistance is very low. This results in high current.Why is back emf zero at starting?

7. DC motor with L289N driver cannot set RPM lower than 130

On an Uno, D2 and D7 (enA and enB) do not have true PWM (analogWrite) capabilities- they will be 100% on at values of 128 or higher, and off at 127 and lower.You will need to use 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 or 11 for PWM (i.e. your enA and enB) on the Uno.See Arduino Reference - analogWrite() for more info on PWM pin availability on Arduino boards.

8. Does the thickness or mass of metal coil inside a DC motor affect the output of electricity?

I suspect you intended to ask if the coil affected the motor's output of torque or power? A DC motor is pretty much a resistive load and the amount of current flowing through the windings will determine the strength of the magnetic fields, and hence the power output. You can increase the power output with more voltage - not recommended because the windings are designed with certain voltage, current and heat dissipation characteristics and excessive voltage will eventually burn the windings out - or you can use a heavier winding and draw more current through the armature. You can increase the permanent magnetic strength with more powerful magnets (permanent magnet field) or heavier wire with more windings in the electromagnetic field - of course you are limited by the physical size of the motor. In short, if you want more power out, you will have to increase the electrical power going in - by increasing the current. It's best to let the engineers determine the motor's characteristics and limitations - if if you desire more power, simply use a higher rated motor.

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