Hundreds of Smart Street Lamps Equipped with Sensors Will Be Installed in Hong Kong This Year

Nowadays, in the process of smart city construction, a large number of sensors and systems are landing every day. We know that smart city construction requires a large number of sensor sensing devices to collect massive information and data of the city. In this way, the street lamps on the streets of the city have become the most convenient information collection entrance of the smart city. In recent years, cities at home and abroad have begun to install intelligent cameras, intelligent information screens, sensors and other IOT sensor devices on street lamp devices.

400 smart street lights to be installed in Hong Kong

According to media reports, by the end of June 2019, 50 multi-functional smart street lamps will be installed along the roads of Kwun Tong and Kai Tak Development Zone in Hong Kong. These intelligent light columns have the functions of detecting traffic flow and collecting meteorological data. Most of their intelligent devices are installed in the column body or circular shell.

It is understood that traffic detectors and panoramic cameras are installed on the smart street lamp poles, which can record data such as vehicle type, speed and traffic flow, so as to assist the transport department in monitoring traffic. In addition, the lamp post is also equipped with meteorological sensors, which can collect data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and rainfall. The air quality sensors installed on the lamp post can also monitor and collect regional air quality data to support the relevant work of the Hong Kong Observatory and the environmental protection department.

In addition, Wi Fi hotspots and related network equipment will be installed on the light poles in the future. Space has also been reserved for mobile network operators to install small base stations with 5g services to cooperate with the future development of 5g services in Hong Kong. It is expected that by the end of 2019, Hong Kong will install similar smart street lamps in central, Admiralty, Wanchai and Causeway Bay, and then expand to Tsim Sha Tsui. At that time, a total of about 400 smart street lamps will be installed. It is reported that relevant departments will examine the effectiveness of the first batch of smart street lamps one year after they are put into service and consult the public. The whole pilot plan will last for three years.

Overview of smart street lamp Market

It can be seen that smart street lamps have gradually become a unified bearing platform for urban road infrastructure. This is because the smart street lamp has a natural carrying capacity. It can make full use of the integrated face recognition camera, WiFi probe, emergency alarm and other functions of the smart street lamp, and integrate the monitoring camera. It is widely used in smart city application systems such as safe city, face recognition, bright project, smart transportation and smart parking.

It is predicted that by 2021, the market scale of various hardware and services with smart street lamps as the entrance will be 3.7 trillion yuan, accounting for 20% of the total market scale of smart city.

At present, in 2019, Taiwan will continue to promote the introduction plan of smart street lamps: Taoyuan plans Qingpu as a smart city test site, while Taipei uses the street lamp network as a powerful Internet of things platform through the pilot of smart street lamps to introduce smart lighting, safety warning, traffic and pedestrian flow counting, parking space monitoring and other functions. According to the plan, Taipei will build 12600 smart street lamps in 2019. It is expected that it will gradually expand to the whole Taipei within three years, with a total of more than 110000 smart street lamps.

In fact, not only Hong Kong and Taiwan in China, but also a considerable number of cities abroad, such as New York, have also made replacement plans.

The industry generally believes that artificial intelligence, edge computing, IOT platform, 5g communication and super gateway will be the development direction of smart street lamps in the future. In this context, the comprehensive deployment and cooperative operation of multi-modal and multi-type sensors will also become very important.

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