If a DC Motoru2019s Input Is Interchange, What Will Happen?

Do you mean if you reversed the power supply wires?It depends on the type of motor. If it's a series connected (universal) motor, or a shunt connected motor, it will run the same direction no matter what the power polarity. That is why a universal motor can run on AC or DC. If you want to reverse the direction, you have to reverse the voltage to just the armature or just the field windings.But if it's a PM (permanent magnet) motor, it will reverse direction.If a DC motor's input is interchange, what will happen?.

1. Does increasing the temperature of a system 30 degrees always require heat transfer? Justify with an example.

No, but it always involves energy transfer. As an example:Consider your refrigerator. When the refrigerant gas is compressed it gets hot. It is then cooled through a heat exchanger with the outside air (which is why your cat likes to lay down in front of the nice warm vent at the bottom). The gas is then allowed to expand, which makes it very cold (same thing happens with a can of compressed air) and another heat exchanger inside the unit cools the interior.The heat rise in the compressor is almost entirely due to compression of the gas. The waste heat from motor is minor and does not contribute to it (it happens in another part of the machine). The only energy input is the mechanical energy of the compressor.Does increasing the temperature of a system 30 degrees always require heat transfer? Justify with an example.

2. how to tune a turntable?

Only the "correct" strobe pattern can be made to stand still, which should occur within the middle third of the control's physical range. If the speed wo not stay set, there is a problem that requires correction, such as a bad belt or motor, and if the motor is a servo type, the drive circuit may have one or more bad components and/or connections. Some models have internal adjustments that get 'noisy'; these can usually be corrected by a competent technician.

3. Can anyone please give instructions for installation of a 240v dryer receptacle?

You have a problem as for the old method of wiring a dryer you would need 2 hots and a neutral and the neutral use to act as a neutral and a ground but the neutral cannot be a bare wire with no insulation. Since you have 2 hots the black and the white wires that is OK but since you cannot use that bare copper wire you need to rewire. The new method for dryers are this: you need a four wire cable Black & Red (the hots) a white (neutral) and a bare copper (the ground) You need # 10 wire and a 2 pole 30 amp breaker for a dryer circuit. Some one made a mistake using a 3 wire cable with a bare wire as even the old method needed 3 insulated wires. In the old method you could tie the neutral to the neutral in the dryer and also tie it to the frame as a ground. In the new method you have the neutral tied only to dryer neutral and the bare tied to dryer frame. You cannot use a bare wire if it carries a load. The only way that you could use what you have is that the heat coil, the motor and the timer would all have to be run by 240 volts and the dryer would need no neutral, but I am sure your timer and motor are 120 volts so a neutral would be needed.

4. Is this brushless RC good?

nicely, in my u . s ., we installation many horse to R/C Truggy. yet extremely, if you are extremely into drag racing, a nitro engine is likely one in each and every of the superb; yet be warned that you will likely have many problems with it. in case you go with the finest of both worlds, I propose brushless, because they are often really a lot upkeep free, plus they are quick sufficient. Plus, nitro engines own too a lot torque for genuine off highway relaxing. I propose a brushless motor from Novak with a good ESC. confirm the ESC IS FOR BRUSHLESS automobiles! Novak sells extremely good brushless motor/esc mixtures. I surely have a Stampede, it truly is at present no longer operating, yet I ran a brushed approach R motor, which become kick ***. no longer to instruct the 550 E-Maxx motor is truly kick *** for off roading, also. which could be like the perfect motor change for off roading and drag racing. examine it out.

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