In 2020, the Smart Home Configuration Rate Will Be 87.9%. Is Your Home "smart"?

On May 28, 2020, the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress came to an end. The new infrastructure was pushed to an upsurge again. The central government proposed to accelerate the construction progress of 5g infrastructure, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, big data center, UHV, new energy charging, intercity Expressway and rail transit. Smart home as its closely related industry, or press the accelerator button. In addition, the continuous introduction of hardcover policies around the country has undoubtedly injected new momentum into the development of smart home. In the future, with the gradual development of hardcover and new infrastructure, our life will have a new experience.

The popularity of smart home has not decreased, and the configuration rate has increased rapidly

According to AVC's big real estate data monitoring, from January to April 2020, there were 504 newly opened projects in the fine decoration market of the national real estate industry, with a year-on-year decrease of 55.9%, and the market scale was 438000 sets, with a year-on-year decrease of 55.8%. Affected by the overall hardcover market, although the supporting scale of smart home is not satisfactory, up to 385000 sets, its configuration rate maintains a high growth rate. Overall, from January to April 2020, the smart home configuration rate was 87.9%, an increase of 18.7 percentage points over last year; In terms of segment products, the demand for intelligent security and intelligent door locks is rising, and the allocation rate is rising, both exceeding 60%, of which the intelligent door locks have increased by 19.1 percentage points over last year; Except for the slight decline of smart home system, the allocation rate of other parts showed an upward trend. The main reason is that the configuration rate of smart home system has declined seriously in cities below the fifth tier.

Breaking the stereotype, smart home is no longer exclusive to luxury clothes

When it comes to smart home, people have the inherent impression that it is expensive and exclusive. However, with the popularity of the Internet of things, the impression of smart home in people's hearts has gradually changed, and both price and function are becoming more and more people-friendly. From the perspective of decoration standards, from January to April 2020, the allocation rate of each standard is more than 80%, of which the high-grade allocation rate is the highest, up to 93.3%. From the perspective of supporting parts at all levels, the configuration rate of intelligent security, intelligent door lock and intelligent toilet in each installation standard is firmly in the top 3. The difference is that medium and high-grade buildings pay more attention to supporting intelligent lights, intelligent switches and intelligent curtains. Due to the large proportion of mid-range in the overall hardcover market, affected by it, the mid-range share of supporting smart home has a significant advantage, with a share of 58.7%. The second is low-grade, with a share of 36.2%.

Many brands also realize that high prices will block mass consumers out of the door, which is not conducive to large-scale promotion. All brands directly hit the pain points of the current industry and launched value-added packages. For example, in 2018, Xiaomi cooperated with love space to launch a 1799 Yuan intelligent lighting premium package; This year's 618 shopping carnival, euribo and smart home launched the whole house smart 599 entry-level super value clothes. The price of smart home is becoming more and more popular, which is mainly due to technological progress, which overcomes the problem of wall drilling wiring, thus shortening the construction period and saving costs. Brands accelerate the layout of medium and low-grade fine decoration projects, seize market share and help developers gain competitive advantage.

AI technology enables new ecology of smart home

At this year's national two sessions, accelerating the development of digital economy and intelligent economy and cultivating new drivers of development have become hot topics.

There is no doubt that with the landing application of "Ai 5g IOT" technology, the function of smart home is becoming more and more perfect, the price is gradually close to the people, the installation and operation is simpler and more convenient, and the revolution of human living space will become more and more intense. People's demand for convenient life is higher and higher, and there is a great market for all parts of smart home in the future. Only by seizing the opportunity can enterprises driven by scientific and technological innovation stand out in the highly competitive market. With the support of policy and technology, the smart home industry will usher in a new development, and people will accelerate into a 5g smart new life.

In 2020, the Smart Home Configuration Rate Will Be 87.9%. Is Your Home

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