Is There Really a Star (*) Code to Dial That Adds Charge to Your Cell Phone Battery?

No. I have tried one such "emergency battery code" and this is just a myth. If this were actually the case, cell phone manufacturers would just extend the normal battery life to give the product a better battery rating

1. What did everyone get for

lots of smaller stuff memory foam pillow, phone battery, itouch charger/ fm radio, pair of jeans, boots, gloves, jansport backpack, 3 pairs of earrings.. green quartz.. awesome danglign citrine, and blue diamonds, costume jewelry, pajamas, fewsweaters, couple hundred dollars, some make up, a sushi kit, crystal earrings and bracelet.. whuich i love, and some other small stuff which i dont remember atm happy holidays

2. How much would a new samsung cell phone battery cost?

it would cost 125.99

3. How do I make my phone battery last longer?

Turn off bluetooth and GPS. Also Wi-Fi when you are not using it. If possible, turn to 2G radio coverage, but beware you wo not have internet access. Change your widget update times to be longer so that the phone does not have to use as much 3G radio. If you have a task killer, kill it. If there are still problems get JuiceDefender from Google Play.

4. Pros and cons of the new Juke cell phone? Battery life? Hidden costs?

I really have a sprint demonstrate screen telephone and for the most area, i love it. it would want to get stressful at the same time as it is going to a countless aspect than what you pressed, which will ensue yet i am getting used to it. different stressful issues are that the demonstrate screen receives finger prints throughout it highly immediately so that you would possibly want to keep cleansing it. And reminiscent of maximum persons reported, from time to time it is going to randomy call human beings. I took mine out of my pocket once and it changed into in my handle e book. it is kinda creepy haha. yet yeah, for the most area i appreciate my telephone.

5. Cordless phone battery - Does it matter if it's 750mAh or 800mAh?

You might notice an increased capacity between charges though. The old one was rated at 750mAh or a capability of providing three quarters of an amp for one hour. The new one can provide slightly more current for one hour or last a little longer under the same load conditions.

6. Why won't my cell phone battery work?

i think you have to change the battery this happened to me one time and i changed the battery and it worked you can find the battery in any phone store p.s.chek the size of the battery before you buy it they have to be the same size as you mobiles battery

7. Can a cell phone battery work after it gets wet?

Put it in a bag of rice, it absorbs the water faster. It might take longer than day to dry. It took my friend's 2 weeks

8. how much would it cost to replace a cell phone battery?

a bajillion dollars. or maybe it was $40-$60...

9. 20 hours long enough for the first charge of a new cell phone battery?

That is WAY MORE than enough... it was probably fully charged after 8-10 hours max. Enjoy your new phone!

10. Can your body chemistry effect your cell phone battery?

I can not keep a phone battery, no matter what brand of phone I use. I have had 3 phones in the past 4 months. Just got one last week. The battery will be fully charged when I leave for work and by 10 a.m. it will be less than 50% and by the end of the day at 4, dead!!! I also can not wear watches, even the kind with hands, they stop working within a day or two. I think it is something genetic because my mom has been struck by lightning 3 times, my brother once, two aunts and the house they all grew up in got struck while they were home and burned to the ground. There has to be something to it. I complain all the time about sorry phone batteries and everyone says " I have that phone and mine works great." They don t last with my sister, either.

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