Length of Curly Hair to Stop Curls?

aw hun your beautiful just the way you are dont change a damn thing cuz you look amazing already :)

1. How to treat greasy curly hair?


2. Help For Biracial Curly Hair?

3B is a color, not a "type". I am not biracial, but I have naturally curly hair. My hair tends to tangle and frizz and is difficult to manage and style. Here are a few tips: 1) CONDITION!!! Buy a conditioning/moisturizing shampoo and follow with a good moisturizing conditioner. I like Motions and Aphogee because they are both gooey and they tend to control my frizz. 2) Deep Condition. Once a week if your hair tends to be dry. Or once every other week if your hair is not that dry. Cholesterol products are ok, but protein products are better if you are prone to breakage. I tend to mix my protein deep conditioners with my moisturizing conditioners for deep conditioning. I

3. Does length affect curly hair?

I am not exactly sure, but I think so. When I was younger I had ringlets in a bob around my face. I grew my hair out, and it lost its curl. Have not seen it since. Now my hair is semi-curly and poofy and frizzy.

4. Tips to get naturally curly hair?

My hair is naturally wavy but a great way which has been used by models before (and me) is to wash your hair, plait it into two plaits and go to bed (leave your hair wet). When you wake up take out the plaits and put some wax hold in your hair (if you have completley straight hair naturally)

5. What to do with my curly hair?

Watch clips of Haley Rinehart - American Idol. She's got beautiful long curly hair. Use gel like Samy to scrunch, tousle, and briefly dry using a diffuser. Do not brush them. Look at my profile, that's done this week, in less than 4mins. how I did? It's a mystery! I just create as I go. My hair is down to my knees. It can go for medium length also, any texture hair. I can create 7 in a week, using 2-4 claw clips or hair sticks, takes 2-10 mins... Get inspired from PROM or hairstyle magazines, fashion magazines, TV award shows like Dancing with the Stars, create one of your own. Use butterfly clips or claw clips. Another is braided with yellow and black beads lariat necklace. Make it elegant (like mine), funky, messy, or wild. So many options. When people get bored with their hair, they dye it, straighten it, then they damage their hair, instead of experimenting with styles. I've posted 25 in 9 months.

6. how can you get naturally curly hair for short(ish) hair?

You are born with curly hair...you do not just 'get' curly hair

7. Curly hair without a perm?

Some shampoos do the jobs

8. URGENT!! How to deal with curly hair!!?

In the shower i shampoo twice and use a kiss *** conditioner. While the conditioner is in my hair i comb it through making sure to get all of the knots out. When i get out of the shower, i wrap my hair up in a towel for a minute or two just to get in out of my hair when getting dressed. Then, I put L. A. looks natural curl hair gel in my hair. While my hair is still wet and has the gel in it, I blow dry. I dont use a diffuser because i dont think its nessesary, However i do think its re ally important to put some type of product in your hair to hold the curl, Especially when blow drying so the curls dont dry all weird(that happens to me). And if your hair is kinda screwed up in the morning, try sleeping with your hair in braids. Hope i helped!.

9. Best Hair Gel for curly hair?

use the Herbal essence Totally Twisted gel is great smell amazing it gives alot hold on curly hair.

10. curly hair with a bit of frizz?

i agree, the pantene line is great. :]

11. Hairstyles for curly hair! 10 points!?

I could not find pictures but, with curly hair, it's pretty to put half of your hair up and half down, know what i am talking about? Not to tight and up high, just kind of down and loose. It looks good because it's just all natural (: Hope this helps.

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