My Fiance Has a High Restign Heart Rate, Is This Bad? and What Can Be Done to Help It?

Normal range or pulse rate in an adult ranges between 60 and 100, so firstly he is well within that normal range. Ignoring individual variations, slower pulses tend to be present in fit individuals who do regular vigorous evercise, minimim probably being no less than 30 minutes of exercise sufficient to keep the pulse elevated to 85% of age maximum (220-age=199 for him.) 5 days a week. A pulse of 88 in an ex-smoking 21 year old with a BMI of 26 who has only recently discovered exercise and has a less than ideal diet is hardly a surprise. He is taking the right road and I am sure if he stays off the cigarettes for ever,loses a few pounds and keeps up and gradually increases his exercise,that his pulse and his BP are likely to fall.

My Fiance Has a High Restign Heart Rate, Is This Bad? and What Can Be Done to Help It? 1

1. Low fetal heart rate at 5 weeks 6 days. Please help am I going to lose my baby?

it is a good sign that they could even detect a heartbeat that early. That is a low heart rate but it might be because you are still so early. From what i have read, most of the time they can not even detect a heartbeat until you are 6 weeks or later.

2. I'm a Forty yearold male and wish to know what the best heart rate to have I'm fairly fit but stopped playing

Resting heart rate should be below 72 or so. Anything above 80 is too much as far as RESTING heart rate. In general the more fit you are the lower the heart rate. Lance Armstrong, the seven time Tour de France winner, reportedly had a resting heart rate of 36.

My Fiance Has a High Restign Heart Rate, Is This Bad? and What Can Be Done to Help It? 2

3. I am 12 weeks pregnant and high heart rate, but no fetal movement on ultrasound? HELP!?

ok if there is a heart beat then the baby is alive, the low amniotic fluid is worrying though and could point to a miscarriage. but right now it is hard to say. you could be not as far along as you though. doctors can be wrong about the dates... it happened to me! i would stay off your feet as much as you can and if you feel pain or anything like bleeding then i would get your butt to the hospital! good luck and try not to worry too much things may be just fine, if not then i am sorry. :(.

4. I am starting the gym... I need help?

You can not really target areas to lose weight, the body deposits excess weight in certain areas, but by working your entire body, the weight will come off of those areas. So, do not worry about targeting certain parts of the body, work on exercising ALL of your body. As you are starting new, work on light cardio and light weights. Most of the trainer stories I have heard is that they push someone FAR to hard when they first start at the gym, which causes excessive soreness and days of recover. You do not want that. What you do need to learn is how to lift properly to avoid injury, and how to balance lifting and cardio. Weight machines at the gym, as opposed to free weights, make this easier for you. Start off doing a circuit of 10 reps on light weights (one or two plates is fine) on each machine for the first few weeks. Just get to know the equipment and the motions. You should lift at least twice (3x is better) each week, try to spend at least 30 mins lifting, and minimize the break time between machines. This will keep your heart pumping. One set of ten is fine to start with, but down the road you will want to slowly increase the weight and reps to tone those muscles up. Cardio - you need cardio every day. 2-3 days a week is better than zero, but is not really enough. I would suggest you break yourself in easy for at least a few weeks, do biking one day on a 3-5 resistance setting, and keep track of your heart rate. Everyone is different, but I would guess 120-150 range would be pretty comfortable. You should be able to do 30 mins with the heart rate beats per minute (BPM) up in that range. Eventually, you will want to be able to get it higher, but whatever is comfortable for now is fine. Next trip, get on a treadmill. Walk at 3.0-4.0 miles per hour for five minutes to warm up, then add start adding incline for a few minutes at a time. After a few weeks, try walking for a bit, then jogging for 1-2 mins, then walking again. Over time, increase your incline and speeds. Next trip, try the eliptical machine out. If you get tired of one exercise after 15 or 20 mins, switch to a different machine to make sure you get over 30 mins. Eventually, you should be getting over 60 mins of cardio each visit. Depending on your skill set/background, you may want to add in more biking, swimming, running, whatever, it really just depends on what you like. If you keep a little notebook or log with your weights, reps, heart rate, times, incline, speeds... etc. it will help you over the months see your progression. Some people really like stair climbers, too, but I would wait a few weeks to hop on those. In a few months, try circuit training. Ten minutes cardio, then insert a few machines or free weights for lifting for roughly ten minutes, then back to another machine for ten minutes, then back to weights... keep going through the cycle until you complete everything you would normally do. 2 hours of constant exercise at the gym will fly by doing circuits. Diet is also just as important as exercise, so if you really want to get fit, be sure to spend some time and effort modifying your food purchasing and eating habits as needed.

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