Quad Bike and ATV Safety Guide

If you are a new rider, make sure that you choose a vehicle that matches your level of strength and experience. Driving a quad bike is very physical and it is important that the power and weight of your vehicle are not too much for you to handle. Learn more in our quad bike buyer's guide.

What dirt bike is best for me?

Honda CRF450....their new fuel injection is phenomenal

Can you ride a bike on train tracks ?

On R/R tracks? Just how dumb are you? Stay on the ROAD!

The Harley Sportster with the 883 engine really is a chick bike, isn't it?

Wow, I bet this will make alot of chicks mad

Can I do transportation by bike ?

2 hours to go 20 miles!? Reflective clothing always helps but but you should live with a pair of good lights and common sense :)

im looking to by a motor kit for my chooper bike, i live in missouri, its legal to drive on the streats?

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help, I just mess my bike's gears!?

An 18 speed mountain bike is way out dated. It will probably cost more to repair than it's worth. If you want another cheapie bike, try Walmart / Target...

is a 2000 yzf 600 a good starter bike?

It would not be my first choice, but it's a better choice than the R6. My objections to it are that it is encased in very expensive plastic. A driveway drop is going to be pricey. I would go for a used naked bike like an SV650 or an FZ6.

my dirt bike brakes wont bleed or build any pressure?

Forget oil - you will die. It wo not compress - hence it wont work. Use proper brake fluid DOT 3 or DOT 4 rating. Check web site. If you do not know how to bleed brakes do not do it,, Get a pro.

Will you please give repair advice on my 1970 HONDA CB350. It has been a wonderfully dependable bike, but...?

Check Ebay. There are lots of folks disassembling motorcycles and putting the parts up for sale there. You might be able to find someone there selling a PDF of an old Clymer manual or shop manual for your motorcycle. Clymer manuals have how-to-disassemble guides for the motorcycles they cover.

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