Should I Towel Dry Or Blow Dry My Fluffy Pomeranian Puppy?

When grooming a Pom, the most important thing is to brush and comb him thoroughly before getting him wet. Pom hair is fine and matts easily and wet matts are impossible to comb out and usually have to be cut out. You can bathe your dog as often as you like as long as you use good shampoo made specifically for dogs and not humans. Hartz shampoos are not a good quality, but if that is all you can afford it's still safer than any human shampoo. Bathing with a good quality dog shampoo will NOT dry out the oils in the fur, it will actually activate them and create a better coat. Most dogs shake when being dryed, whether by towel or blow dryer. The air makes them shiver as it would us. Fear of the dryer adds to this but does not cause it. When using a towel, make sure you rub in the direction the fur grows and not against the grain as that will cause matts to form.

Should I Towel Dry Or Blow Dry My Fluffy Pomeranian Puppy? 1

1. Extremely dry eyes for years?

If OTC eyedrops do not work there are several prescription eyedrops that your doctor can prescribe including Restasis, You may also be having a problem with blocked tear ducks, this too can be treated by plugs that can help increase the tear production. If you work alot in front of computer screen, you may not be blinking often enough and that in itself can cause or contribute to sever dry eyes. If that's the case, try taking a breather for 5 minutes every hour just to rest your eyes from the strain of the screen, adjust your screen brightness and screen setting that make it more comfortable to look at. Good Luck.

2. Why is my hair so dry when I blow-dry it?

maybe its time for you to get a better hair dryer.

Should I Towel Dry Or Blow Dry My Fluffy Pomeranian Puppy? 2

3. Which essential oil is best for steaming my face?

It's not the cheapest, but lavender is the best, I think. It not only calms your nerves, but it calms your skin as well. I use lavender for everything. You can put it on zits, cuts, scrapes, rashes, sunburn, windburn, dry skin........I love it.

4. what is the purpose of dry ice?

Uses of Dry Ice: Dry ice is the frozen or solid form of carbon dioxide. Instead of melting and turning into liquid like most solids do, it goes through the process of sublimation, meaning it turns directly into a gas. Safety precautions should always be taken when using dry ice because it is extremely cold. However, with a temperature of about -109 degrees Fahrenheit, it is suitable for a number of uses. In the Refrigerator Dry ice can be used to keep food from spoiling if the refrigerator is broken or if the power is out. To cool the refrigerator, put a 10-pound slab of dry ice on the bottom shelf to keep food and beverages cool. Each slab should be replaced with a new slab when it sublimates. Dry ice used in the refrigerator can, however, carbonate beverages as well as freeze items that are too close to it. In the Freezer Dry ice can be used in the freezer to keep food frozen and to keep wet ice frozen longer when the freezer is broken or when the power is out. The amount of dry ice needed will depend on the type of freezer used. For a freezer located at the bottom of a refrigerator, a minimum of 15 pounds of dry ice should be used a day, and a minimum of 20 pounds for a freezer located on top. Side-by-side freezers use a minimum of 30 pounds of dry ice a day. The ice should be placed at the top shelf to cool the items below. A chest freezer uses a minimum of 40 pounds of dry ice a day, and a walk-in freezer uses a minimum of 150 pounds of dry ice a day. The ice in a walk-in freezer should be placed close to the evaporator unit. Meat Processing and Packing Dry ice can be used in industrial meat processing by keeping the temperature cold and thereby reducing the chances of spoilage. Packing meats and fish from a hunting or fishing trip in a container will keep them fresh. Additionally, dry ice can be used when packing food for camping trips and will keep everything in a container frozen until it sublimates. Transporting Plants Dry ice also can be used to keep flowers and plants cool so they stay fresh, especially when being transported. Additionally, if plants are kept in a room or truck with dry ice at a temperature of 34 degrees F, it will keep them from blooming. Plants and flowers, however, should not be placed too close to the dry ice or they might freeze. Creating Fog Dry ice can be used to create fog for occasions such as plays, movies, parties and other events. Five to 10 pounds of dry ice placed in about eight gallons of water can produce fog for about 15 minutes. Water temperature and the size of the pieces of dry ice used will affect how much fog is produced. Dry ice can also be dropped in a heated swimming pool, hot tub or fountain to produce fog. Dry ice is no joke. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide used to transport lab specimens or food items. Though it's helpful in that respect, there are several dangers associated with it. .....

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