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Team history

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Automoblists JelgavaThe car factory club Automoblists played in the lower Latvian leagues in the early 1970s, but in the mid 1970s were renamed Metlists. Metlists JelgavaThe club first appeared in 1977 and in their debut season in the Latvian league finished 7th out of 13 teams. After three less than stellar seasons the club changed owners - it was attached again to the bus factory and renamed to Automoblists Jelgava. Automoblists JelgavaAs Automoblists the Jelgava squad also had it hard - at best it finished seasons in the middle of the table, and between 1983 and 1987 it played in the 1st league. In 1987 Automoblists lost to Zemgale Ilkste for a place in Virslga but as the league was expanded under the name of RAF, Jelgava once again had a club in the top Latvian league. RAF JelgavaIn 1988 and 1989 there were two teams of RAF Jelgava which in 1990 merged into one. One of those played in the lower Soviet leagues, the other - in the Latvian league. In 1988 and 1989 under the management of Viktors esterenko the "local" RAF won the Latvian league, in 1988 as a golden double it also won the Latvian Cup. Meanwhile, the "international" RAF were not doing that well - although they had in its squad several talented young players including Vladimirs Babievs, Dzintars Sprois, Igors Troickis and Aleksandrs Stradi, its results were very disappointing. In 1989 esterenko took over the unified RAF team in the Soviet league and in the Baltic league. In 1990 and 1991 the team played better, but then the Soviet Union collapsed and RAF joined the Latvian Virslga. In the early 1990s RAF was one of the strongest teams in Virslga, three times finishing second and once third (in 1992 they finished runners up to Skonto Rga in an additional game after finishing the season on equal points). However, when the plant ran into financial difficulties, the team received new sponsorship from the University of Latvia in 1996 and, as a result, changed their name and relocated to Riga, and played in the Latvian University Stadium. RAF RgaAs RAF Rga the club only played one season, finishing 5th in the Latvian league, however it won the 1996 Latvian Cup. But after the season the club changed its name again - this time to Universitte Rga. Universitte RgaThe only season under the name of Universitte did not bring much success to the club - 6th place in the league with the club being disbanded after the season. RAF Jelgava (again)A team under the name RAF Jelgava appeared again in 2001 in the 1. lga. After the 2003 season the club merged with another Jelgava club - FK Viola Jelgava forming FK Jelgava.

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Fictional team history

Looking to make money, Farley Fleeter transformed his gang into a group of supervillains. The gang donned wigs, face paint, and multicolored costumes and started robbing banks. This brought them to the attention of Blue Beetle. During the fight, the Madmen gained control of Beetle's gun but could not figure out how to use it. The public did not know what powers the gun possessed; the Madmen took advantage of this to enhance their crimes. Blue Beetle eventually regained his gun (only containing a strobe light) and apprehended the Madmen. After serving their sentences, the Madmen retired until they were paid to attack Kord Industries by Doctor Alchemy. Once again they were jailed. The Madmen became a more persistent annoyance to Blue Beetle. They returned to face him time and again but were defeated after each attempt. Fleeter, however, was not discouraged. Taking a job at Georgetown University to steal drugs, he was involved in an accident that gave him the power to mentally control anyone he touched. He used this power to create an army of Madmen, but was defeated in a confrontation with Hawk and Dove and sent to Belle Reve prison. Sometime later, Fleeter was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum and was a victim of the Joker's venom. He caused problems in Gotham City until he was captured by the Beetle and Robin. During the Infinite Crisis, the Madmen were invited to join Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains. Their first assignment was to attack Blue Beetle. Though they failed, their actions led to his death at the hands of Maxwell Lord. Next, they were given guard duty and were attacked by the Secret Six. During the Battle of Metropolis the Madmen were gunned down by Wild Dog, Crimson Avenger, and Vigilante. One Year Later, some of the Madmen apparently survived the battle. They attacked Wonder Woman and Manhunter after Everyman appeared disguised as Blue Beetle. After attacking the trio, the Madmen dispersed. They later appeared as part of a group of villains attempting to defeat the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes. After suffering a blast from one of Jaime's weapons, the group beat a hasty retreat.

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