Tips for Winning in Jacks Or Better Video Poker Games

In the world of casino games, jacks or better video poker games has remained one of the casino games that offer players with the best odds. It may interest you to note that the best version of the Jacks or Better casino games is the 9/6 variant. More so, this game also offers a payback of about 99. 5%. Every lover of casino games prefers this game than any other game in the casino world. Even, the 8/5 Jacks or Better game offers a percentage payout of 97.3 and this is exceedingly worse than the full-pay games. However, this is still considered preferable than many other games in the casino world.The Jacks or Better video poker has been in existence for many years now. The reason behind its overstayed existence in the casino world is due to its high returns as well as the relatively low variance. While the original Jacks or Better game offers a return of 99.54% with excellent plays, other games offer relatively lower returns. Averagely, this implies that a player will lose if he or she plays based on the proper playing strategy. When it comes to poker games, the beauty lies in the value of both the returns and the variance of other games. The returns are displayed in the play table, which will be clearly seen on the game screen.One other factor that has significantly contributed to the popularity of the jacks and better video poker games is the playing strategy. The playing strategy is usually simple and straightforward. Hence, we can conclude that learning to play with the proper playing strategy is simple and straightforward. Here are a few of the tips to win in Jack and Better Video poker games:Be Observant- Ensure That You Find a True Full-Pay Jacks or Better GameWhether you are playing a brick and mortar or online casino, there are a plethora of different poker games in existence all in the world of present-day casinos. In Jack or Better video pokers, each of the games are configured with several play tables. In order to step up your chances of winning in Jacks or Better, you are required to select the highest return games. Firstly, ensure that you are examining a Jack or Better video poker game. Usually, a standard jack or Better game will have nine lines. So, if your table displays nine lines, then it is a Jack or Better game.More so, you are expected to double check the whole pay tables. Check to see if it has a five credit column. This is because you will be playing five credit per turn as a result of the pay for the royal flush. Usually, only the full house flush changes in the Jacks or Better games. However, you should be aware that this does not change on every occasion. In some cases, casinos can decide to change other pays. So, you need to ensure the following:• A royal flush pays 4000-for-5• A straight flush pays 250-for-5• A four-of-a-kind pays 125-for-5• A full house pays 45-for-5• A flush pays 30-for-5• A straight pays 20-for-5• A three-of-a-kind pays 15-for-5• Two pairs pays 10-for-5 — and -• A pair of jacks or better pays 5-for-5It is highly essential that you double check in order to detect if there are any changes. This is because a reduction of one credit per each turn of credit played for a full house or flush implies a reduction in the returns of the game by more than one percent. Simply put, it is likely that the player loses more dollars per each turn of $100 played through the machine. All in all, if you are determined to win jacks or Better Video poker games, ensure that you find the best game. Play It Smart- Ensure That You Utilize The Proper Playing StrategyIn Jacks or Better video poker games, each of the pay-tables of the different poker games available has their playing strategies. Remember, you are participating in the full-pay Jacks or Better game. So, ensure that you understand the strategies behind the full-pay (9/6) Jacks or Better video poker games. Practice the right strategy until you are entirely comfortable with it. You could manually place yourself on a test by dealing with five card hands from a range of shuffled single deck. More so, you need to make some researches on the right strategies for playing jacks or better games. This will help you determine the proper hold. Once you have been able to decide on your choices, you do not need to play out in hand anymore. All you need to do is to deal with the next hand. Keep engaging and practicing until you can boast of playing correctly at 95% of the hands.On the other hand, you can purchase a playing program or app that has video poker and use them as a guide. You can also practice with some of these apps. This is one of the right approaches to winning jacks or better games as the program or app will notify you whenever you make any mistake whatsoever. Print out the strategies you have researched on. It will surely serve as a guide whenever you are unsure of the methods to play a hand either online or in the casino. With the correct strategies, there is no doubt that you will achieve the highest return in the long run.Stay Sharp- Do not Lose Your EdgeFinding proper game as well as the appropriate strategies, does not have any benefit if you eventually lose your edge while playing. Here are a few suggestions to help you stay sharp without losing your edge:· Ensure that you are maintaining the same schedule as to when you are home. If you do not get enough sleep or you have resorted to changing your timelines, your level of play will be significantly impacted. Whenever you maintain your regular schedule or lifestyle, you will dramatically stay sharp.· Do not play the game for extended hours. After a few hours of playing, you will observe a reduction in your level of playing. Whenever you engage in something for longer hours, you tend to lose focus quickly. So, you are advised to take a break periodically. Leave the casinos and take a walk all around for some minutes to help recharge your batteries. Also, in the course of playing, if you find yourself making consistent mistakes, you can take a break. You should not give casinos any additional advantage by continuing the play. · Watch your alcohol intake. If you are really determined to maximize your potential and profits while playing jacks or better video poker games, you need to maintain your edge. Taking too much of alcohol diminishes your edge. Why do you think casinos provide you free drinks to players? The reason is to cause a distraction. So, it is highly advisable to wait until you are done for the day before having a drink or two.Play It Cool- Watch Your Playing Speed.While the exciting moment of playing Jacks or Better video poker game and the hope of winning might make you speed your play, ensure that you are playing correctly at all times. The efforts it takes to get more hands played could cost you if you start making mistakes. Remember, your expected 99. 54% always come from making the overall best play on each turn of every hand.Play It Frugal- Take Advantage of Every Opportunity.If you have not registered as a member of the free online casino's club, sign up for it. As a member, you will have the opportunity to use your card regularly. Virtually all clubs provide members with bonus points for additional food credit, extra play, and even cash. Incredibly, these bonuses are added to your jacks or better video poker play. Each 0. 1% bonus collected is an increase in 0. 1% of your overall return. Bonus points are not only the benefits of utilizing your player's card. As your session of play is accumulated on your player's card, you tend to progress and quality for the elite stage status, which could add bonus point multipliers, thus increasing your overall returns. Bonus point multipliers include free meals, rooms and a whole lot of other freebies. Special offers are also offered for free plays, unique point multipliers and a host of other valuable extras.While many have subscribed to the erroneous belief that inserting a player's membership card will lead to a reduction in the returns, the opposite is actually true. Without costing you any additional cent, it adds to your returns, thus increasing your overall profits. Play It Prudent- Do Not Overplay Your BankrollWhen it comes to winning jacks or better casino games, you need to remember the rule of the thumb. The standards of play is to have the amount of royal flush as your bankroll at least for a two to three-day casino trip. If you are playing a 25-cent machine, you will need up to $1,000 at the rate of 4,000 credit at 25-cents each. Hence, you will need about $4,000 if you play dollar machines. Therefore, whenever you put the adequate bankroll into consideration, you will not need to sweat for the losses or lose focus.However, the jack or better video poker bankroll should be an amount of money that you can afford to lose. You are not advised to stake your mortgage or grocery payments. If you observe that you wo not want to lose your trip bankroll, then you should not play. One other thing to consider is the possibility of not sweating the money or not quit playing if you eventually run out. ConclusionIf you play Jack or Better video poker online casino games correctly, you could stand a chance of being a winner. Remember the rules to follow:· Be Observant: Ensure that you are playing the full-pay jack or better· Play Smart: Learn the correct playing strategy and use it.· Stay Sharp: Ensure that you do not lose your edge. · Play It Cool: Try to watch your playing speed.· Play It Frugal: This implies that you use any available opportunity to win.· Play It Prudent: Desist from overplaying the bankroll. There you have it! Perhaps 6 strategies to win Jack or Better video poker games. However, by following the earlier discussed rules, you will undeniably become more skilled and experienced at Jack or Better video poker casinos. This does not say you would win every session, but you will win in the long run.

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