What Does CPA Wide View Technology and SLCD Mean

CPA (continuous pinwheel alignment) mode wide viewing angle technology is strictly a member of VA camp. In the unpowered state, liquid crystal molecules have the same habitual characteristics as VA mode. The long axis of molecules is perpendicular to the direction of the panel and arranged parallel to each other. As shown in the figure, each pixel in CPA mode has a plurality of square rounded sub-pixel electrodes. When the voltage is applied to the liquid crystal hierarchical pixel electrode and the electrode on the other side, a diagonal electric field is formed to drive the liquid crystal to tilt towards the central electrode. The liquid crystal molecules are arranged in a fireworks shape towards the central electrode. Because the electric field on the pixel electrode changes continuously, this wide viewing angle mode is called "continuous fireworks arrangement (CPA)" mode.

SLCD     SLCD is the abbreviation of splice liquid crystal display, which refers to the special LCD screen for splicing. SLCD screen not only has the advantages of ordinary LCD screen and did screen, but also has the advantages that ordinary LCD screen and did screen do not have: the overall chassis, power board and signal driver board are completely built-in, there are no exposed redundant lines, and the graphics splicing processing function is built-in, without adding another graphics processing card. Transportation, installation and maintenance are simpler, completely the same as ordinary household appliances, without special maintenance! At present, for high-tech LCD splicing walls such as did on the market, the bilateral splicing joint is about 20mm, while the bilateral splicing joint of SLCD screen is only 18mm. The function brought by baoqianli SLCD splicing wall is very powerful. It can be spliced in 2 * 2, 3 * 3,... M * N and other different specifications according to the needs of users. Ultra high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra wide viewing angle, saturated and bright color, clear and smooth picture without flicker, etc. the picture can be displayed in full screen and single screen, or can be combined arbitrarily and superimposed on the background. The service life is more than 50000 hours, which is suitable for display without shutdown for a long time. It can be widely used in KTV, nightclub, disco, bar and other entertainment places and enterprises.

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