What Is My Cars Issue?

2 things it could be. the distributor cap could be drawing damp or the fuel filter is starting to clog up

What Is My Cars Issue? 1

1. Are older cars better than new cars?

it really depends on the car, some older cars have a bigger engine and has a heavier frame which makes it stronger, but it also makes it less fuel effience. So if you are going to be doing a lot of driving I would suggest buying a newer car, but if you like classics and little tougher then i would go with a older car in good shape

2. What is the difference between super cars, sports cars and muscle cars?

super cars for example R8, has a horsepower from 500 and over, sports cars have decent horsepowers with harder suspension, and etc. sports cars have parts that can handle high speed unlike sedan. muscle cars are classic American cars with 4 gears, and is really fast. muscle cars can overpower most of the sportscars but is really rare to find a really good ones. but i like sportscars becuase super cars and muscle cars are REALLY EXPENSIVE =))

What Is My Cars Issue? 2

3. america cars vs. european cars?

The decision was historical, and actually the keeping to the left originally ruled! Many European nations originally drove on the left side,as does Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia today. Most of the conversion from RHD has taken place in the last 60 years or so, so there is actually no long term precedent for the dominance of LHD. About 35% of the world lives in "keep left countries" with the other two thirds on the right, as in the US. Many US states were originally left side too. Archaeological evidence supports left side driving too, with the ruts in roads entering Roman mines deeper on the left because the wagons were weighed down. There has been some evidence that left side driving is actually safer, mainly because the oncoming traffic is on your right, and most of the population is right-eye dominant. EDIT: The reasons for driving one one side and not the other are variable: 1. Tradition, including colonial influence, as in Hong Kong and Singapore. Tradition is also reflected in so far as many nations had the coach driver on the left side, and this was maintained in later cars, but also note that distinct rules about driving on one side or the other took a long time to evolve in the US. Many early cars were also designed with the steering in the centre. 2. Political, such as with Burma changing in 1970 to driving on the right, with many cars still being RHD! Fun roads there and spent much time driving on them. It is especially strange as most cars come from neighbouring Thailand, which drives on the Left! 3. Expedient: Such as where areas of Canada and the Americas changed to suit the majority of adjoining areas or nations. 4. Duress, such as through invasion: Czechoslovakia was converted to LHD after Hitler invaded. Hope this helps!

4. lincoln navigator are they good cars?

they are pretty. but i have to agree and say that you are paying for the name really. and you will have to pay more to get it fixed. but i absolutely love the MKX and would buy it in a second. lincoln's are good cars.

5. Information on vintage Z Cars?

Well i would reccomend you got an old banger...saves all the trouble really!

6. anyone an expert on cars?

if broken glass or plastic gives you a flat tire, YOU AIN'T RUNNING ON DOT tires that are have any tread left anyway. after 22 years of driving I have never said "#%$^% piece of tail light,!!" In any event you can fix most holes in tires without even pulling them off the rims and a hole kit at an autoparts store is about 5$ and youcan fix 5-10 tires with it. I never buy the road hazzard from the tire shop because they dont cover sidewall damage anyway, and they charge what 10$ for each tire?

7. Are opel cars considered to be american cars because Opel is owned by GM?

Opels are a german made car. GM bought the company and started importing them to the USA in 1958. They are cheap compared to American cars at the time but they would move fast. I know because I almost bought a VERY VERY rare 55 Opel station wagon (remember they werent imported through Buick til 58). Then they had small little 4 cyl motors but they fit right under Porche and they would scoot. That little 55 Opel would run a good 110-120 mph in a time when a Cadillac would do about 130

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Use professional shampoo & conditioner. I know it may seem like a rip-off, however all the shampoos like Pantene, Garnier, etc. have a high alcohol content....since the normal pH of your hair is 4.5-5.5, things containing high amounts of alcohol throw your hair all out of whack and cause breakage, split-ends, fly-aways, etc. The reason these shampoos make your hair feel soft is because they contain high amounts of humectants, which are just a cover for how damaging they really are! Another tip is ALWAYS use a thermal protector while applying heat. Heat appliances cause tons of damage to your hair. Usually this is a cream/clear gel you apply before blow drying. Never use a flat iron on hair that is not completely dry!1. Split End Help. ( 10 Points) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?For sure you should get a trim and maybe even cut your hair as short as you are comfortable doing it. You should for no reason straighten or dye your hair. Look for some Garnier Fructis or Pantene shampoos and conditioner for curly hair so that it extra moisturizes it and helps the split ends repair themselves. I say from experience that ppl with curly hair have really bad split ends, which is why we have special stuff in our hair products. The split ends wont magically go away in like a month or a few weeks, but you will see improvement after a while. Oh, and for sure DO NOT PICK THEM OFF!! It will just make it worse. Every two months until your hair is healthy get a trim. just maybe half an inch or an inch will be just fine. Eventually your hair will go back to normal. Good luck with that!.2. Whats the best shampoo conditioner for cheap?clever or V05 are solid inexpensive ($a million) shampoos, yet whilst it is composed of conditioner i could bypass Tresemme ($6) it does an somewhat solid interest. i take advantage of salon shampoo because of the fact i am form of a hair snob, yet I nonetheless use the cheap conditioner. Pantene is undesirable on your hair (too plenty protein and reasons alot of greater build up on the hair) so i does not bypass there. desire this permits! My hair is oily, superb, and colour-taken care of if that helps you any!3. How can I get my curly hair to be nice like Taylor Swift?Haha i have the same hair long and curly..but not pretty curly! im completely obsessed with taylor and her hair so i did so playing with it and what you really NEED to get is the conair hot sticks!! they are these little flexible curlers and they are not very expensive and i would look like a frizz ball without them!! you can like get them at walmart. anyways what i do when iwear my hair curly is like i get up and get in the shower and wash it and condition it and this may sound weird but dont use a whole lot of conditioner just enough to get it done cause it will help your hair hold the curl the just get out and towel dry your hair till it is just damp and then put a curling mouse in it and frizz serum then finish blow drying it straight! and you know have the curlers on like when your gettin in the shower and then just make sure the little light is on meaning that they are hot enough and then seperate your hair into pretty small peices (if you have really thick hair then you might need to buy two sets cause they only have 14 in them and you use small sections) and then start from the botom of your hair and role it through your hair and pin it together youll see the instructions on how to pin them together and make sure you wrap it all the way to the top of your head and leave them for like 15 or 20 minutes while your finishin gettin ready and then use like a light hairspray about 5 minutes before you take them out then your done. i know this thing was really long but its not that hard lol!!!! hope i helped good luck!!!!!!!!
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