What Would You Recommend for Home Protection 12 Ga. Or 9mm.?

First answer is all BS there is no such thing as a pump shotgun with 9 rounds. 6 is max. A 9mm was designed as an "urban" round meaning full jacketed for penetration through car doors windows etc... not the ideal home defense round if loved ones are in another room. A pump shotgun is good but I suggest a 20 ga.instead of 12 with a short "slug" barrel this keeps overall length down and makes it maneuverable loaded with 00 buck. Besides nobody but nobody enters a room after hearing a pump shotgun "rack" a round.

1. how do i make my arms bigger?

Set your dumb bells around 25% less of what you usually curl, begin your curls, count reps. like 1,2,3 ,1,2,3, ,1,2,3,...you get the picture all the way to 15 or what ever even number you can make it to. Do 4 sets of 15,10,8, then 6, then burn yourself out with max. push ups. Follow the set system working out your triceps and deltoids. Try it before you pick best answer.

2. Exercising at Max Heart Rate?

It's NOT the max heart rate, it's no more them 80% of your max. You do a max reading for a stress test not on the tread mill. Most treadmills have a heart rate monitor in the handle portion. If yours does not try to find one that does

3. Tell me the difference?

yeah I was actually sitting right in the corner where that happened and I could not believe they did not throw em in the box for what he did. And, yes, you are right, a small one or two game suspension should be in order for the attempted kick. However I really would not compare him to Simon. Max has never had an incident like that. They were also going at it the whole game, now I realize that gives him no reason to do something stupid like that but, it did not look like he had such a malicious intent to injure him

4. If my butt and thighs hurt after a workout, does that mean I'm building muscle?

The concept of muscle building:> Heavy weight training> Eating properly> Rest well^ repeatThat painful feeling is soreness, not the feeling of muscle building. By exercise you force your muscles to repair itself and with proper nutrition intake and rest (which is max 48-72 hours) the body will do, and will also result in bigger muscles too. Thats why you need to increase the weight progressively but normally you will feel it that you can increase. If you can't, it's a sing that you do something wrong in the three points above listed, except if your goal is to lose weight. In constant caloric deficit you can't increase.If you're a girl, you mainly want to focus on your butts... so a good example to train:Day - squats, calves, abs and lower backDay - full upper body workoutRestRepeat if you feel that you can or rest another dayRepeatIf my butt and thighs hurt after a workout, does that mean I am building muscle?.

5. Max pressure of hydraulic mtb lever

asuming 300 N as average grip multiplied by a leverage ratio of 10 it is 3000 N of axial force. the piston diameter is about 10 mm so the piston effective area will be 0.785 squared mm. so the presure could be 3000 N/ .785 cm2 = 3821.7 N/cm2 equal to 5542 PSI. so it can handle almost 30 times what you need. the problem is: lack of power if you can only apply 190 PSI maybe the brakes wont work at all.

6. What is the cost of living in Brussels, Belgium?

The Mercer yearly study will give you some info. for instance for a furnished 80 sq. meter flat you would pay 800 euros (heating expenses included). Restaurants can vary between 15 to 35 euros. Max for a movie 10 euros but if you buy a card of 5 seats it will go down to 6 euros. A public transport ride is of 1,1 euros (with A 10 ride card). Taxes are directly taken from your pay and is high. Therefore ask to the employer how much you would get, net after tax. Hope it helps!

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Maximize Your Experience with Best Speaker Hire Service
Professional light and sound systems differ in size from the small sizes best matched for the living area to more controlling HiFi systems that can astound a concert hall. Though, professional D&B Audio Rental can cost good money but can give you amazing result. So, if you just want a professional system for some days or a party night surrey sound hire service will be best.Hire professional units for wonderful partyA proficient sound system will differ in size. It is different like one that you can easily install and another one is larger system with eco sound prepared for outdoor entertainment and concert halls. Though, in addition to Hire Sound System London service, there are many people that will also want stage hire, lighting systems, PA hire, and a DJ to actually bring life to their outdoor event. Highly effective DJ services normally use a combination of compact synthesizers and portable sound equipment to add some kind of boom to their overall performance. That supposed just having the tool is not sufficient it needs to be arranged too. Arranging good quality amplifiers, professional speakers and some other equipment requires proficiency.The arrangement can turn into even more difficult when you throw in projectors, plasma screens and some other equipment into the combination. As, only some people just want a perfect sound system it is worth looking for a service which even setups the whole thing for your event. There are several companies that will perform this for you having to their team of experienced professionals but searching the greatest one is what will yield outstanding results. An expert setup crew will pay special attention to the whole thing from room acoustics to hum and the total number of people at the specific event. But in case you are on a budget it is completely up to you what type of equipment you want to hire.Here we are taking a look at some things that are worth remembering before you plan to hire Event Sound System.Make equipments list that youll wantThere are different types of sound system that you can use for party and hire their services. For example, you can hire PA System For Band, DJ, and stage equipment etc. Thus, making a complete list will assist you decide exactly what you want. In case you want more than just specific sound hire services you can possibly get a great discount from the service provider you come up dealing with.Shop CarefullyEarlier than you make a decision to get your sound system from one specific place it pays to shop around. Mainly, if you think that you can save some hundred dollars on the same system if you look through. Generally people and mainly businesses will take a slender step down in quality to save their money. That supposed it is your work to find a company which offers you the best system at a cost you can pay. To perform this prepares a list of all the reliable companies in your nearby area, and request for a quote.·RELATED QUESTIONWhich is best sound system for car?Top International Audio Brands for Your Luxury CarAudiophiles need music to accompany them everywhere they go. They cannot compromise with their music consumption or the quality of the equipment they use to listen to music. Such people always want to have best-in class experience. When it comes to listening to music in their car, they are particularly picky and also inquire about the speaker that the car comes with, when they are about to purchase a new car. They consider music as their perfect partner to bust personal/professional stress or make a road trip more enjoyable. If you are one of the aforementioned people, here are the top premium global car audio brands which you can count upon to deliver exceptional sound quality while driving. 1 Bowers & WilkinsBetter known as B&W Systems, audio system for luxury cars from Bowers & Wilkins deliver all-round performance and sound, as clean as a whistle. The Bose Performance Series takes high-performance audio systems to a new levelu2014transporting you into your music. An array of advanced car speakers and audio technology creates a soundstage in your vehicle. Itu2019s an experience that takes you where high performance car audio has never gone before.2 MeridianMeridian is a world-class manufacturer of in-car audio and cutting-edge audio and video solutions. Britainu2019s company, Meridian is in partnership with leading luxury car brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and McLaren. Salient features of the system include 2D Mode, distortion-free and precision sound quality and much more. If you want Meridian premium audio systems for your car, you can get in touch with Sound Of Music as they are the exclusive dealer of this brand in India.KrellKrellu2019s audio systems are known to have extremely wide range of frequency and impactful bass. Its DTS Neural mode is highly effective in enhancing the depth of recordings done by an orchestra. The reason why it is third on the list is due to just satisfactory sound stage, transparency and clarity. Krell audio system for luxury cars falls in the affordable category. BurmesterBurmesteru2019s surround sound system from the brandu2019s standard category comes integrated in luxury car such as Mercedes. All Burmester product lines are united in their claim to fullfil highest requirements concerning sound quality, technological innovation, manufacturing quality, functionality as well as design aspects. They may vary in terms of features and capability characteristics, but never with regard to their quality commitments and to their ultimate musical performance. 5 BosenThe 13-speaker Bose premium audio system was tested in an Infiniti QX80. Its performance was sub-par, maybe because it is not meant for SUVs. If you are someone who loves listening to high-frequency songs, then it might be a disappointment. Which is best sound system for car?.
Knowledge Related to Max Kyuss
Max Avelyevich Kyuss (Russian: ; March 20, 1874 1942) was a Russian and Soviet musician, conductor and composer, primarily in the Russian and Soviet military. He is most famous for composing the waltz Amur Waves• Other Related Knowledge of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyCareer of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyHis Dutch translation of the Lord of the Rings (In de Ban van de Ring) appeared in 1957 and was a resounding success, though Tolkien deeply disliked it, criticising its approach in a letter to his publisher Rayner Unwin.He translated many other English authors into Dutch language. These include Oscar Wilde, Terry Goodkind, Richard Adams, Lord Dunsany, William Horwood, Daniel Defoe and Salman Rushdie.------Education and military service of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyAccording to Kyuss's autobiography, he was born into a working-class Jewish family in Odessa on March 20, 1874. He was drafted into the Russian army and assigned to a squad of musicians. After doing mandatory service, he joined and graduated from the Odessa National Academy of Music, and in 1903 rejoined the army as a kapellmeister. He served in the 2nd Eastern Siberian Rifle Regiment, and participated in the RussoJapanese War of 1905. During his service, while stationed in Vladivostok, he composed his magnum opus, the waltz Amur Waves. From May 1, 1907 Kyuss served in the 11th Eastern Siberian Rifle Regument, and from January 1, 1911 in the 33rd Siberian Rifle Regiment. In this capacity he was stationed on Russky Island. In 1911 he became a Lutheran.Kyuss participated in World War I as a kapellmeister in the 5th Don Cossack Regiment, then in the Gregorian Special Cavalier Battalion. In the Russian Civil War, Kyuss was a kapellmeister for the Red Army, serving in the 416th Black Sea Rifle Regiment. In 192022 he served in the same capacity in the 33rd Rifle Brigade in Odessa. In 1922 he headed an orchestra in Kharkiv, and for a time headed the Kremlin honor guardthough according to his superiors, he was "politically backward", i.e. did not adhere enough to the Communist ideologya problem for an officer so close to the government. He retired from military command in 1927. He continued working as a military composer in the Joint State Political Directorate until 1934. Among other things, he was a kapellmeister during the construction of the Moscow Canal. In 1934 he joined the Odessa People's Militia as a kapellmeister.------Max Kyuss of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyMax Avelyevich Kyuss (Russian: ; March 20, 1874 1942) was a Russian and Soviet musician, conductor and composer, primarily in the Russian and Soviet military. He is most famous for composing the waltz Amur Waves------Max Chu of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyMax Chu (born 21 March 2000) is a New Zealand cricketer. He made his first-class debut for Otago in the 201819 Plunket Shield season on 1 March 2019. Prior to his first-class debut, he was named in New Zealand's squad for the 2018 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. In February 2019, he also played for the New Zealand XI side in a 50-over tour match against Bangladesh. He made his Twenty20 debut on 14 December 2019, for Otago in the 201920 Super Smash.In June 2020, he was offered a contract by Otago ahead of the 202021 domestic cricket season.------Biography of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyYoungstein was educated at Fordham University in New York and Brooklyn Law School. He became the assistant director of Advertising and Publicity for 20th Century Fox in 1941. In 1945 he created a Publicity and Promotion Department for the United States Treasury.After the war he worked for Stanley Kramer Productions then joined Eagle-Lion Films as a vice-president where he met Arthur Krim. In 1949 he became a vice-president of Paramount Pictures.In 1951, Youngstein joined Arthur Krim, Robert Benjamin, Arnold Picker and Bill Heineman in purchasing the then financially troubled United Artists studio from Charles Chaplin and Mary Pickford. None of the individuals placed their name on the studio's product.Retiring from United Artists in 1962, Youngstein formed his own production company, producing films such as Fail Safe (1964), The Money Trap (1965) and Welcome to Hard Times (1967).------Later life and death of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyKyuss retired in 1937, continuing to teach the clarinet at the Odessa Military Academy of Music. In World War II, he was placed in a Jewish ghetto in Odessa by the invading Nazis. Kyuss was last seen in late 1941, and was likely killed in the 1941 Odessa massacre..------Max Bhlen of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyMax Bhlen (19021971) was a Swiss painter. A large part of his work can be visited today in the hunting lodge, which the painter acquired in 1939 in Egerten for his family. His youngest son Andreas Bhlen still lives there and guides visitors through the exhibition rooms themselves..------Max Richardson of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyMax Richardson (born 24 December 1948) is a former Australian rules footballer who played for Collingwood Football Club during the 1970s before finishing his career at Fitzroy Football Club.The younger brother of Wayne, Collingwood recruited Richardson from Western Australian Football League club South Fremantle and went on to captain the club in 1977. He usually played as a ruck rover or on the half back line.------Max Judd of max & lily solid wood full size bed greyMax Judd (born Maximilian Judkiewicz; 27 December 1851 7 May 1906) was an American chess player.Born in Tenczynek, southern Poland (then Galicia, AustroHungary), he emigrated to America in 1862. He was an American cloak manufacturer. He was founder and president of the St. Louis Chess Club. Judd was appointed by President Cleveland as the U.S. Consul General to Austria. His nomination caused strained relations between the United States and Austria, as the Austrians objected to the appointment of a Jewish man to the position. Judd served four years in the post, returning to the US in 1897.In 1881, he lost a chess match with George Henry Mackenzie for the U.S. Chess Championship (5 -7 3), held in St. Louis. In 1887 Judd defeated Albert Hodges (5 2 2) in a non-title match, held in St. Louis. In 1888, Judd took last place in the 1st United States Chess Association tournament, held in Cincinnati (won by Jackson W. Showalter). In 1890, Judd defeated US chess champion Jackson Showalter in a match in St. Louis (7 3 0), but did not claim the title. In 1892, Judd lost to Jackson Showalter in a match in St, Louis (4 7 3). In 1899, he lost a match against Harry Nelson Pillsbury in St. Louis (1 4 0). In 1903 he won the Western Chess Association Championship (U.S. Open Chess Championship) in Chicago. At one time he was offered to play in Ajeeb, the Automaton in New York, but he did not want to leave St. Louis. The job was then offered to Albert Hodges.He played in six American Chess Congress tournaments. He took 4th place in the 2nd American Chess Congress in Cleveland in 1871 (Mackenzie won). He took 3rd place in the 3rd American Chess Congress in Chicago in 1874 (Mackenzie won). He took 2nd place in the 4th American Chess Congress in Philadelphia in 1876 (James Mason won). He took 5th place in the 5th American Chess Congress in New York in 1880 (Mackenzie won). He took 8th place in the 6th American Chess Congress in New York in 1889 (Max Weiss and Mikhail Chigorin won). He took 2nd place in the 7th American Chess Congress in St, Louis in 1904. In 1904, Judd tried to arrange the Seventh American Chess Congress in St. Louis, with the stipulation that the US title be awarded to the winner. Harry Nelson Pillsbury objected to Judd's plans, so the stipulation was not accepted. Frank James Marshall won the 7th American Congress at St. Louis 1904.
How About Glory 8xmax Snapdragon 660 Version with Better Performance and Longer Endurance
Glory released 8x Max on September 5, with a 7.12-inch large screen, making it a real "handheld home theater". In addition to the large screen, the glory 8x Max is also excellent in terms of endurance. Glory recently quietly upgraded the hardware configuration of changplay 8x max. in addition to upgrading to a higher-level Xiaolong 660 processor, it also increased the running memory to 6GB, so that the mobile phone can play games better. In addition, the glory 8x Max is equipped with a 5000mAh high-capacity battery to bring more stable battery life to the mobile phone.More powerful processorCompared with the glory 8x max with Xiaolong 636, this glory 8x max with Xiaolong 660 processor not only has more powerful processor performance, but also upgrades the storage combination to 6GB 64GB. For ordinary users, Xiaolong 636 processor is enough for daily use, but users who pursue the ultimate prefer to add a stronger processor to make the stability of the game process better. In addition, the new glory 8x Max will also upgrade the storage to 6GB to make the game experience better.In addition to hardware upgrade, system and software optimization are also the focus of smart phones. The customized UI system can not only allow old users to continue their previous usage habits, but also targeted optimization development is an important means to improve performance. Glory 8x Max is equipped with emui 8.2 system, which can switch between applications and cold start applications very fast.The author uses common software such as Ann rabbit, geekbench and Master Lu to test the running points of glory 8x max.The first is Ann rabbit's running score. As the most common running score software in China, Ann rabbit's performance has ultra-high comparability. In the running points of ANN rabbit, the glory 8x Max advanced version got 130000, and the maximum temperature in the running points was controlled within 39 degrees.The second is geekbench's score. As one of the best mobile phone score software in the world, geekbench's score is also of great reference significance. Glory 8x Max has 1443 single core scores and 5402 multi-core scores.The third is Master Lu's running score. The main items are experience evaluation, HTML5 evaluation and AI performance evaluation. The experience evaluation score of glory 8x Max is 121.11 points; HTML5 score: 37840; The AI performance evaluation obtained 235 points.In fact, the author doesn't like pure running score, but running score is the most direct method to show performance at present. In addition to running points, the performance in the process of the game can also intuitively show the optimization and performance of the mobile phone.Taking the glory of the king as an example, the glory 8x max of Xiaolong 636 can still run smoothly between 55 and 60 frames at the highest picture quality. Glory 8x Max phone has smaller heating area and lower temperature.The glory 8x Max equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 660 version has greatly improved the game fluency. Under normal circumstances, it can maintain the frame number between 55 and 60 frames, but the frame rate in the group war is more stable, allowing players to better grasp each fleeting opportunity, which is why the game party pays attention to higher configuration.Battery lifeGlory 8x Max uses a 5000mAh high-capacity battery, and 9V / 2A fast charging is particularly important for high-capacity mobile phones. The battery can guarantee the battery life, and fast charging is the best way to ensure the battery life of the mobile phone in an emergency. The battery life of mobile phones has been greatly improved in recent years. In addition to more advanced chip technology, manufacturers have also done more fine in the performance management of mobile phone systems, so that mobile phones can complete the evolution from two charges a day to one charge a day.The author tested the charging speed and power consumption speed of glory 8x max.In the charging test, the glory 8x Max was very fast before 80%, but the data is not obvious because the battery capacity reaches 5000mAh.In terms of endurance, the power consumption of glory 8x Max "eating chicken" for one hour is 16%, and the power consumption of King glory is 14%. In the 5 12 hour test, glory 8x Max performed very well.Test summaryWith the launch of the advanced version of glory 8x max, glory 8x Max will go further and become the choice of professional game lovers with a large screen and long endurance. The large screen can bring users more clear vision.
Is a Hot Pink Maxi Dress too Much for a Wedding?
the tea-length dress with cardigan is more classy1. Is it appropriate to wear a Maxi Dress to a baseball game?No. There are many steps going to your seat and baseball is a VERY casual game. Just wear shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers or wear sandals. Nobody wears dresses to games2. Is it OK to wear maxi dress on the beach?it's ok to wear a maxi on a beach3. Maxi dress or dress below or right above the knees! Help!!?i dont know if im too late to answer and you did say that you shop at forever 21 but I was there yesterday and they had a ton of SUPER long ones like im 5'1" and it was nearly a foot taller then me there are a ton all of the store in lots of diffrent colors4. What shoes should I wear with a white maxi dress?I do not know if a flat shoe would be the best fit. Maybe a shorter heal would be nice. Or , if you really do not want a heal , maybe a strap sandal?5. Long maxi dress too casual to wear to a wedding?not too casual at all6. Help me price this vintage maxi dress?The way things are with the economy $25 to $307. Will last seasons maxi dress still be in fashion for spring 2010?neons!!! something neon- lip gloss makeup, nails, swimming kit, outfits. Any ambitious hues like blue aqua or crimson. check out Seventeen magazine. They teach a lot of latest developments for the spring and this summer time.8. can My Wedding Dress Be A Maxi Dress?Yep. Your wedding dress does not have to be the traditional dress if you do not want it to be. My sister found a very pretty white sundress from either Target or Kohls that she wore to her wedding and she looked very pretty in it. I say wear what ever you want. It's your wedding9. What can I wear under a somewhat see through maxi dress?It depends upon the weather for me really. In the fall I love to wear longer skirts and in the winter I wear longer ones with my boots, however in the spring and summer I prefer to wear short summer dresses10. Maxi Dress on chubby women.?They usually are most flattering on skinny and tall women. On chubbier people it makes you look like you are wearing a mumu11. Can I wear a maxi dress?I think mid- knee would suit you better12. How do you wear a maxi dress?dependnig on the material, most of them are casual dresses, u wear them primaraly with strappy sandals & a "hobo" bag or just a larger bag in general :p you can wear it shopping outdoors,beach poolside, things like that! :p perfect for a backyard PARTAYY 13. Just bought a Hawaiian print tiki maxi dress but have no place to wear it to this time of the year.?you could, if you wear the right things with it try wearing a short sweater with it, and instead of wearing sandals, wear high-heeled pumps, or flats.14. is a maxi dress appropriate for a rihanna concert?It would look really nice... but it might get trodden on and get annoying :(15. Would it be tacky to wear a maxi dress to school?Heck no!. Maxis are all over the runway this season. Just be sure you put the right shoe on with it. A blinged out ballet flat woud be great, or a roman sandal that wraps around or laces around your ankle would be wonderful.16. Where can I find a maxi dress for a very tall woman?I am 6'1", and love Roamans.com, womanwithin.com, and check out the dress barn!17. my maxi dress shrunk?! HELP!?Rayon is an odd fabric. It does kind of shrink up while wet. Wait for it to dry and then lightly iron it. If it has not returned to the original length, definitely bring it back to the store18. 5ft3, prom in july, can i pull a maxi dress off or should i wear a short dress, any advice?Go for it.. I recommend Jan's boutique.. Im not sure of the website but it comes right up when you google it
How Can I Maximize My Laptop Battery Life?
the two between the advice given to you is erroneous. using the battery each and every possibility you get will shorten the batteries existence. Like with all technologies, the extra you employ it, the shorter its existence could be. you ought to in no way drain your battery to 0%. in case you do it weekly, that is going to insure an exceedingly short existence of the battery(the two in can charge and existence). What you ought to do, in case your using it as a pc: Plug interior the computing gadget and take out the battery. that is going to nevertheless artwork wonderful. Then in straightforward terms use the battery once you like it. you ought to can charge your battery while it hits a ten-15% can charge final. this could insure your no longer over charging the battery via leaving it plugged in. (maximum elementary workstation mistake). good luck!1. My laptop battery died,but I never use it unplugged.Do I still need to get a new one?You do not need to buy a battery2. what is wrong with my laptop battery?The same thing has happened with my battery. If i had to guess, you may have left it on the charger for too long. When this happens the energy within the battery is drained quickly. You may have to get a replacement and allow the new battery to drain regularly instead of constantly charging it3. Laptop battery life halved in one week.?Batteries have a specific life span (measured more in recharge cycles than days). If the battery is getting past 5 years old or has been recharged several hundred times it is probably worn out and needs to be replaced. If that is not the case two ways I have found to dramatically shorten the life of a battery is to keep it fully charged all the time or to fully discharge it and leave it discharged for a long time. Bert4. Can you make it so your laptop battery gains life?No Your battery has reached the end of its life. It makes no difference if you use AC all the time or use the the puter while chargeing except the battery will never reach full charge until you stop useing the computer. Many of the batteries made in China and I suspect elsewhere are built to very low standards. I bought a brand new battery on ebay, paid for shipping and it was DOA...had a lot of trouble getting my refund and still got a negative from the dishonest seller in China. A good battery may be obtained with up to a year or (costs more) 2 year guarentee. They are made in the US and you will have to dig on the internet to find them but in this case I believe you get what you pay for. A battery has a "memory" but its mostly technical mumbo jumbo as any battery dies over time. Running the battery completely down and then rechargeing it makes the battery last longer. Keeping a battery on charge without an overload circuit will burn up the battery. So there you have battery maintenance 101.5. Keeping the laptop battery on while plugged?Leave that battery plugged in. It if its a newer laptop, as in made in the last 8years or so, its going to be fine. New batterys and charging system know when to stop charging the battery, not to mention the lithium ion batteries are a much better technology then the old type and are not subject to the same problems, like battery memory as someone mentioned. My battery is 3-4 years old and still going strong, I use my laptop everyday and it is plugged in 95% of time. A side note, most laptops run slower without the battery in. So you will also be negatively effecting performance.6. What do I do if my Dell laptop battery won't charge?Give it plenty of time say 2 hours. if no good try a new battery. You can remove the battery and run it like that on the charger, but if it still wont start the laptop up you charger is dead7. I want to power my laptop battery directly from Auto 12V?Since your car battery can get as high as 14V or higher during charging, that is too dangerous to feed into your laptop. That is why everyone recommends a 120V inverter, and plug your laptop charger into that inverter. That way, the voltages are relatively constant, and you do not risk damaging your laptop charging circuits... That all said, most laptop chargers output around 18V to 19V, to give some extra voltage for the laptop charger circuit to control charging circuits. You cannot use a zener/resistor to power the laptop direct (instead of battery), that will not provide enough current (usually in the several amps required). You could, in theory, make a regulated voltage power supply, with some good 5A regulator, fed with 14V, to produce 10.2V. However, that is not good for input for the charger in any laptop (not high enough voltage). It could charge the battery maybe, if you fed the battery direct. BUT, a word of caution!!! Do not try to charge any Li-Ion battery yourself, they can explode. You need the proper Li-Ion charging circuit to charge those (like those built into the laptop itself). Bottom line, safest and most sure way of keeping a laptop running in a car is to use the 120V power inverter and the proper laptop charger.
(PDF) Maximising Protection Sun Protection Fabric and Clothing
Authors Post - print. The final defi nitive version of this paper cover up and minimise exposure of skin surfaces to the sun. However, from a consumer's perspective what information is available to support selection of garments that will optimise have achieved high ratings for protection, and by implication, indicates that garments made from these fabrics will minimise exposure. However, most c lothing and t extile products are not tested and do not carry UPF ratings. Credited wit h the highest rates of skin cance r in t he world New Zealanders a nd Australians are increasingly aware of the health risks associated with ov er exposure to UV rad iation. T he need to slip, s lop, slap and wrap has been extensively promoted , along with t he importance of during high UV index times of day and year tags can be used on garmen ts protective by accredited programmes such as ARPANSA I n spite of the promotional programmes and awareness of rating systems the majority of clothing worn d uring the high UV exposure months is not UPF rated. Consumers are garments, or are selecting clothing on the basis of non From a consumers perspective what is 'sun protective information about is the internet 'G oogling ' highl ights the extensive use of the term he majority of entries related to promotion and sale of SFP or UPF ra ted clothing as opposed t o advice on how to make items may provid e very different levels of UV protection Examination of the Wikipedia entry for 'sun protective specifically designed for sun protection and is produced protection". Further examination of the to official websit es of organi sations such as the Cancer S ociety (NZ) website one of the more should consider when buying clothing i n order to enhanced cover up message, provide s information on the UPF and However, g uidelines for selecti ng the garments (other than reference to UP F ratings to find . How has our understanding of factors affecting 2007 to now ? Can we improve recommendation s about Social and envi ronmental factors other than UV al so comfort/thermophysiological needs are often at odds with selection of clothing that will provide gre protection. Is it p ossible to balance therm o/physiological stating that the weave of fabr ics should be tight as such Yet t extiles are available in a variety of structures e.g. woven a nd non woven ( e.g. knitted, fibre mats, films such as neoprene etc.) with production of products promoted as suitable for T he accepted rule is th at the high fabrics with the same cover/tightness w ere examined a hierarchy of weave structures, in order of increasing U 2009) , like the twill, jersey wa s associated with lower and twill weave are attributable to the floating of weft (cro sswise) yarns, over one and under two of However, this re lationship is not linear and i dependent on the colour of the fabric extensibility, which affect the size of the i nterstitial spaces. Preference for lighter colours in summer is associated with greater reflection of the infra increased UV transmission as the greater the would colour the better the resulting U V 2008) . M any light colours can not Interactions between cover and colour sug gest that choosing a fabric in a lighter colour with a tighter sett or partially offset the effect of colour alone. High temperature s in the clothing layers increases may also be1. what are some cons on school uniforms?uniforms constrict the ability to show originality through clothing, also, I've seen a lot of girls pull they are skirts up really high and look pretty promiscuous which I think is a con, I do not want to see 14 year old girls dressed like that2. I am a 15 year old boy and I like to wear my sisters clothing is it wrong?Not wrong at all. Honestly. Society decides what is girl clothing and boy clothing and what is girl colors and boy colors. Defy society and wear what you want. It's not wrong, it's just clothing!3. How much should you sell things in a garage sale?I thought about this question for a while, and I think I sell things for around 87% less the original price. This goes for knick-knacks and clothing. I think toys would highly depend on volume. If you have a few big toys, go for a few bucks a piece. Now, if you have a toybox full, kids love a 25 cents a toy kind of deal. For kids, its always about how much they can get. Furnature like couches and sofas can be consitered haul away items. These can go for little to nothing in some cases. Although, as with all situations listed above, the age, quality, and demand will all play a factor in your prices. Just price things as you would selling junk to an *** on the street, haha.
Find the Maximum Volume of an Open Top Box Made From a 12 by 12 in. Sheet of Cardboard.?
V = x(12-2x)^2 , and use calculus to find the maximum1. What is the best set top box on the market that offers web apps?Roku does not do apps or browsing. It's primarily and principally able to stream media content. The best set-top for webbing on your tv is a Windows 7 x64 PC set up as a home media box with a wireless KB and mouse connected to your TV via HDMI out.2. Can I use a DVI adapter/HDMI cable to connect Comcast set-top box to HDTV?Comcast Hd Adapter3. Can I stream DVB-T2 channels with a DVB-T set top box or antenna?First you cannot stream anything with a set-top box. Streaming means using Internet to watch TV. Second DVB-T2 is a newer standard and DVB-T set-top box cannot receive DVB-T2 broadcasts. You will need a DVB-T2 set-top box. Can I stream DVB-T2 channels with a DVB-T set top box or antenna?4. Do you get a better picture with a HD satellite set-top box?Not particularly no. There is a difference in the quality of the manufacturing as well as the components used but whether it will make a difference on your screen is neither here nor there. NOW if you have a hd cable box connected with a good hdmi cable the likelyhood that you will get a cleaner picture will be much better because it makes seperate components do just one job instead of multiple jobs. Also the only way you get more than just your locals in hd will be if you have an hd box.5. How do we watch TV channels without a dish antenna and a set-top box?IPTV is the answer, depend what service you choose but most or good iptv providers have options to watch tv online using web browser. It does not require any set-top box or dish and if you wish to watch the same on your tv then simply use HDMI connection from your laptop/pc to TV or if you have chromecast then cast it directly.Few such providers are : MYINDIAN TV, YUPP TV. How do we watch TV channels without a dish antenna and a set-top box?6. Can I connect two TV with my HD set top box?Step OneFirst, disconnect the power from the set top box and both of the televisions that will be connected to it. This is a safety measure to ensure you do not receive a shock while attempting setup.Step TwoRemove the coaxial cable that runs from the TV set to the set top box. There is no need to remove the coaxial cable that runs from the outlet in the wall to the set top box.Step ThreeMake sure you've got the right AV cable. Here, you should plug a coaxial Y adapter into the output jack of the set top box. It is now possible to plug two coaxial cables into this adapter which can, in turn, be connected to the coaxial input on two TV sets.Step FourTurn the set top box back on and then both televisions to verify that they are showing the same channel.How to Connect a Set Top Box to Two TVs with HDMIStep OneAs before, unplug the televisions and set top box from the power. Step TwoRemove the HDMI cable that runs between the set top box and the television set.Step ThreeNow plug in an HDMI splitter, which can send a video signal to each screen. An HDMI splitter should have a male connector at one end and at least two female connectors at the other. Gold-plated HDMI splitters tend to provide the highest-quality signal paths.Step FourConnect the HDMI splitter to two televisions with a couple of HDMI cables. Finally, switch the set top box back on, along with both televisions, to check that the output is now showing on both screens. Can I connect two TV with my HD set top box?7. Can I use Jio DTH services in place of my Tata Sky set top box?Yes, you can do that but Jio DTH services are yet to be launched.In the meantime you can watch live TV in your Jio TV app in mobile / tablet and it has many channels compared to Tatasky and it's Free to watch ( only you require stable network connectivity)Can I use Jio DTH services in place of my Tata Sky set top box?
What Is the Meaning of Ti and Max-Q in Nvidia Video Cards?
Nvidia denotes the more powerful spec of a card version with Ti. On the their 10 series Pascal cards you had the GTX 1080 which was capable of about 9.6 Tflops of computational performance. Where as their much more expensive yet also faster GTX 1080Ti was capable of 11. 3 in addition to having more VRAM. Why nvidia does this instead of calling the 1080Ti the 1090 I do not know but the To varient will beat it's similarly named lesser version. 1660Ti >1160, 1070Ti > 1070. Now your next question Max-Q. In the old days Maxwell series (900 series cards) the mobile versions of cards had an "m" in the name for example the GTX 960m was pretty commonplace in more affordable gaming laptops. The thing is the mobile versions were always substantially slower. Nvidia would componsate for this by adding extra cuda cores in many cases but in short an m series card would never approach it's desktop equivalent. Starting with the 10 series Pascal architecture thanks to gains in efficiency laptop manufacturers were able to put desktop cards in latops while not quite as fast usually due to the thermal constraints of a laptop vs a desktop they were an enormous improvement over the afformentioned m cards. For less power hungry cards like the GTX 1060 cooling them in a laptop was not too difficult but the higher speced 1070 and 1080 posed a problem. So Nvidia introduced Max-Q which while it is in essence the same card Nvidia binned them (basically only used the dies that we are most power efficient). Using these more efficient chips allowed them to play with the power settings and basically undervolt the cards which in turn means they produce less heat and are easier to cool. So if you see a laptop with a GTX 1070 Max-Q know that it will be a bit slower than a laptop with a GTX 1070 that is adequately cooled, not all are but they do exist. So if shopping for a laptop you might consider one with a Max-Q card if you are looking for a thinner laptop. If you are alright with the bulk of more cooling getting a non Max-Q card could net you about a 10% performance increase as long as the card is well cooled. Hope this helps and want too tedious of a read. What is the meaning of Ti and Max-Q in Nvidia video cards?1. A card monster anime that is not Yu gi ohI think you may be looking for Digimon Tamers.Takato Matsuki, a fan of the Digimon card game, finds a Blue Card, which transforms his card reader into a D-Power. His original Digimon creation, Guilmon, materializes into real life when his D-Power scans his drawings. Takato meets Henry Wong and Rika Nonaka, two other children who are partnered with Terriermon and Renamon, as well as Calumon and Impmon. As wild Digimon began roaming Shinjuku, the Tamers defeat them and defend the city. Using their D-Powers, the Tamers can Digi-modify through scanning cards or help them Digivolve. After each Digimon is defeated, their Digimon obtains their data.Hypnos leader Mitsuo Yamaki attempts to send Digimon back to the Digital World. The Tamers began working together with Hypnos when the Devas invade the Real World. Calumon is captured, and the Tamers enter the Digital World to save him. When Impmon betrays the Tamers and kills Leomon, Jeri Kato falls into depression. After resolving conflicts with the Digimon Sovereigns, the Tamers learn that the Digimon are protecting themselves from humans and the Real World after the Digital World is invaded by the D-Reaper, a rogue clean-up program. As the Tamers return to the Real World, the D-Reaper kidnaps Jeri, manipulating and trapping her inside the body. When the D-Reaper begins to materialize in the Real World, the Tamers defeat it, using the program and saving Jeri. With both worlds restored, the children are forced to say goodbye to their Digimon partners, when they end up returning to the Digital World by the effects of the program. The series ends with Takato discovering the portal in the tunnel under his hiding place.Hypnos is the cult. Impmon becomes Beelzemon and starts draining the other Digimon.Impmon is granted the power to become Beelzemon, and blinded by the power, goes down a murderous path. He begins destroying virtually anything that comes in his way, eventually killing Jeri Katou's partner Leomon, triggering a battle that nearly ends in his destruction as retribution for Leomon's death. He is spared at the last moment by Jeri, her reasoning being that while she hated him for what he did, she did not want to see anymore lives lost. Shaken by this display and considerably weakened from battle, he wanders off, now guilt-ridden and ashamed of his horrific deeds. He de-digivolves into Impmon again after being attacked by a group of Chrysalimon, whom he allows to attack him because he no longer wanted anything to do with the power that he formerly so reveled in, and is essentially left to die. Luckily, he is found by Renamon and Rika Nonaka, who decide to bring Impmon back into the Real World. After being not only spared, but saved by the people he had once hated and tried to destroy, Impmon eventually resolves to try and make right all the wrongs he would committed towards others, especially Jeri and the other Tamers.The boar mon would be Vikaralamon. Found by scanning the TV Tropes Mon page, and vaguely recalling Digimon Tamers as having some uncharacteristically dark storylines, then looking around the wikis to find confirming details.2. Where to sell Baseball cards?I would try Ebay. I think older cards really go for something on there. I would price a few before selling them. I do not know much about them, but I know that if my dad had kept soem of the ones he had when he was younger, he could';ve made some crazy money now. Best of luck! P.S. I find it funny some people write on here just to try and pick you up... man, that's romantic lol.3. Is playing with Tarot cards haram?I can not say I approve of playing with Tarot cards. They are a serious spiritual tool to help others with the problems and obstacles they face in life. Many people will take what you tell them to heart and there is a responsibility in that. You can do harm if you do not have a good knowledge of the cards and how to read them. I can not advise you about Wicca because I am only vaguely familiar with that, but I imagine the same would be true of doing spells. It can even be harmful to do spells without the proper knowledge of them.
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