Where Is the Embedded URL Located on Youtube Videos?

Click Share right under the video and the URL pops open. To embed the video on another site - click EMBED right under the video to the right. The code pops open.

Where Is the Embedded URL Located on Youtube Videos? 1

1. does anyone know of funny youtube videos?

This guy named "EpicDaldo" is coming out with a new series, it's about Making fun of youtubers and other things, i think it should come out soon. Oh and btw, epicdaldo is a very new person, i would not be suprised if you havent heard of him youtube.com/epicdaldo

2. How to download youtube videos?

use: savetu.be it's a website that does just that and it does it totaly free and without any stupod downloads or installs or java. just follow the instructions on the top of the page (drop down menu) and you will be ste to go and download whatever you need ;-)

Where Is the Embedded URL Located on Youtube Videos? 2

3. An app to directly download Youtube videos for iphone?

There are not any applications on the Apple Appstore for downloading Youtube videos. You will have to jailbreak your iPhone and find an app on the third-party appstore Cydia. Jailbreaking, however, will void your warranty.

4. How To Get More Views On Youtube Videos!!!!?

maximum seen YouTube Video - music video of Justin Bieber's "toddler" music. (493 million perspectives) maximum seen YouTube Video it truly is no longer about a star - Charlie Bit My Finger. (293 million perspectives)

5. Copyright question: citing publications in Youtube videos

Based on the description, it does not appear that there are any problems of copyright infringement. You are free to (indeed expected to) provide citations of factual and theoretical sources; you are free to use the ideas and facts reported or expressed in those works. The title of a book, year of publication, authors name and all the other things that go into a citation are not creative elements, so are not protected by copyright. Addressing example (A) in particular, you are entitled to use all of the the language data provided, as long as they are not creative literary texts (this would be a concern for a work on syntax that is based on texts, if the texts are still in copyright - this potentially includes elicited texts).Although the words of the source publications can be reproduced because they are not, individually, protected, the arrangement of the words, e.g. in a grammatical paradigm, can be. In that case, the issue is whether the particular presentation is "creative" and novel to the source author, or is it a purely mechanical product directly reflecting the facts (or, reflects a long-standing tradition used by all authors on the topic). Needless to say, direct copying of book pages is potentially infringing, though a small amount of copying can be defended under "fair use"

6. Help with making youtube videos ?

Best thing to do is practice, practice, practice! Do a few takes of what you want to say. Go back and watch all of them, and take little bits/pieces of what you like and write them down. Once you've done that, you can memorize what you've written and say it on camera. Good luck!

7. slow download rate for youtube videos, myspace music and games?

You need to plug your ipod into the computer and a symbol should appear. Then you save what you want and then drag it 2 ur ipod symbol

8. What is the best and fastest free video downloader for youtube videos?

Best Video Downloader works well. Been using it for a while now and have not had problems with it. It's free like you want too so I would check it out

9. How does promoting YouTube videos through AdWords help?

If you are a company and want to promote an ad through ad words in the hope that your product sell will increase, then you may be correct in choosing it because your sale may really increase.However, if you are a YouTuber creating personal vlogs etc, then it's of no use. Because the ad rates of Adwords is much higher than what you get paid. How does promoting YouTube videos through AdWords help?

10. What are some really funny youtube videos?

youtubers: kassem g edbassmaster yourchonny jack vale movies: half backed-gramas boy- 40 years old virgin- harold and kummer 1&2- dont be a menace-pinapple express-super bad-superhero 2008 enjoy muthaaaa

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