Hardcover book printing what method floor what is the main content of printing of the book

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-24
In real estate company sales of real estate, you will always see a lot of beautiful building, the building book requires special design, printing. Next gift printing is to introduce what are building hardcover book printing method, building what is the main content of printing of the book? Way of printing, hardcover book printing hardcover floor book building hardcover book printing there are mainly two kinds of methods, one is direct printed on cardboard, additionally one kind is printing paper first, and then the paper carries on the onlay. Due to the indirect way of printing is a type of sheet-fed printing, the printing quality is higher, after printing glaze and labeling and other surface decoration, can greatly improve the effect of color box appearance, in high-end products in the sales package has dominated the main position, but the onlay low machining efficiency. According to divine printing, the application mode in foreign markets, has been relatively mature, production with the improved offset press. Hardcover book printing floor book main printing content ( 1) Building profiles. Including area, floor area, public area, commercial buildings area, etc. ( 2) Traffic position. Including building the location map, transportation route map and location, the traffic situation in detail. ( 3) The surrounding environment. Including natural environment, humane environment is introduced, such as landscape is introduced. ( 4) Living facilities. Including the surrounding schools, kindergartens, hospitals, markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, catering services, entertainment, postal telecommunications and other supporting the introduction of construction, etc. ( 5) Door model is introduced. Family and life have greatly relations is convenient, comfortable, is one of the important factors that influence consumer purchase decision, therefore, building the book with the introduction of the family usually do spare capacity, will be in the form of flexible door model the characteristic, family show 'all'. ( 6) Property management is introduced. The building property management service, with the development of the market, the people of property management is becoming more and more attention, more and more is also high to the requirement of property management. Property manager's background, the content of property management, property management features as an important content in building attract buyers also described in detail in the book. Saw the introduction of the above, we already know what building hardcover book printing method. Before the building book printing enterprise, all need to carry on the design first.
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