High-end business catalog what printing method is the paper printing high-grade picture album to use

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-08
Now companies are very pay attention to the establishment and spread of corporate culture, it often will print some promotional brochures. The following gift printing to introduce high-end business catalog what printing method, printing high-grade picture album to what kind of paper? High-end business catalog printing high-grade picture album what printing method is the high-grade enterprise album printing method mainly has two ways, one is direct printed on cardboard, additionally one kind is printing paper first, and then the paper carries on the onlay. Due to the indirect way of printing is a type of sheet-fed printing, the printing quality is higher, after printing glaze and labeling and other surface decoration, can greatly improve the effect of color box appearance, in high-end products in the sales package has dominated the main position, but the onlay low machining efficiency. According to divine printing, the application mode in foreign markets, has been relatively mature, production with the improved offset press. High-end business catalog printing printing high-grade picture album paper what you use a so-called specialty paper, special paper, which refers to the paper for special purposes. Used at high profile picture album printing specialty paper cover, this is mainly because the use of it to make the cover more bright beautiful atmosphere. Second, wove cloth, as the name implies, is called linen paper mainly and its surface with a light texture is inseparable. This type of paper color level diversity, in the high profile picture album printing has a very strong adornment sex. Three, archaize paper archaize paper this paper is by glue processing, can bring people a sense of antique, more used in the making process of the high profile picture album printing, highlight a sense of simplicity. Four, coated paper, this paper is a general picture album printing paper, not only in high profile picture print, all kinds of pictorial prints are used with it, the printing effect also is pretty good. Through the above introduction, we already know the high-end business catalog what printing method. High-end business catalog paper is mostly used in the specialty paper, linen paper and coated paper.
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