High-end gift box custom packaging plant | how to do delicate box?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-27
The customers to choose to do packing box of time, will worry about how to do some of the delicate box? Let your products become hot style? Sums up gift packaging small make up today: 1. Before custom packaging, customer must first determine the pattern design of paper box, packaging company or professional design company, is to highlight the characteristics of the product, creative. Current design trend with contracted and easy, the style is given priority to, so customers friend more reference in the design, to make their products cover a creative design. 2 packaging materials, general gift packaging can according to customer's product positioning to recommend packing material, such as a common gift box packaging, choose high quality white card, cattle card, general transport packing corrugated board. Customers need to confirm the product positioning to choose the right material. 3. Gift packaging plant will be ahead of the customer design patterns and box type away making a small kind, reference for customer confirmation. Such as the design of the color, the shape of the box, etc. 4. Packaging plant the qualifications of strength, a factory can finish their order, need customer to field trips. Gift packaging newly introduced intelligent printer, sticky box machine and other large intelligent machines. Packaging strength, can purchase custom processing of all kinds of carton packaging. Gift packaging customization:
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