High-grade express carton printing prepress six key attention to details

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-08
Cardboard-box factory to produce high-grade corrugated carton products, in addition to need to choose a stable and efficient packaging.com/applications' target='_blank'>printing machine ( Such as four-color machine, scraper blade) , attention to detail in production process, is also crucial. 1, plate installation attention to detail, 1) Be sure to pay attention to the plate lock - — To determine the lock, it is very tight! If no locking plate, in the process of printing large roller rotation, the print can produce clearance and roller, so it is difficult to guarantee each plate design printed on the same set of quasi location, it is difficult to adjust tinted. 2, scraper installation attention to detail, 1) Install the new scraper, to pay attention to the details of installation method. A lot of quality problems, are often the scraper caused by incorrect installation. For example: the uneven scraping, scratches phenomenon, etc. Blades usually have a fixed blade clip, scraper clip has a lot of screws, a lot of people casually spatula mount when installation; Actually install scraper don't fixed on both sides of the screw first, so may cause scraper arch in the middle, causing uneven scraping. Right way is to use hand leveling scraper, scraper top to the bottom position, locking screws, each in turn so that the whole scraper is flat and straight. ( 2) Additional installation, I will carefully, avoid by all means is rude, and the drag force shaking, this will cause the scraper blade damage, the damage of natural place will be reflected on the printing stroke line scratches, seriously affect the printing quality. 3, pay attention to record proofing data parameters ( 1) Order to ensure the production proofing after the second order, after a successful proofing to record relevant data parameters, such as printing color sequence, ink viscosity data, etc. Mastered these data, can be manufactured in a second time soon set up; Mass production without having to spend a lot of energy and time proofing again. Another is the details of the printing machinery operation, the main test is printing machine operation experience; Patient, careful, however, is the main, avoid by all means rude careless! Too much, this involves the operation of the behavior and not described one by one, you may refer to the relevant information. 4, pay attention to the choice of ink painting and control ( 1) High quality carton printing needs high quality ink, not to blindly buy ink. To bring the anilox roll line equipment, the requirements of customers products, technical parameters and so on to provide ink supplier, they will modulate suitable ink with professional technology. ( 2) In addition, in the process of high-grade cardboard box printing to control the ink viscosity, careful with ink additives. High cable multicolor printing special attention to the stability of color; Use less ink additives, mixing well meet the requirements of ink as far as possible, at the time of test sample data recorded, the next time it can debug the product standard of the ink. Shenzhen bliss cardboard-box factory is a manufacturer of inside and outside packing carton, provide special carton, color box, box, beer boxes, large packaging products, such as purchasing the carton, custom express delivery to shenzhen, bestowed a cardboard-box factory and contact phone number: 18820947354.
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