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by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-08
Now can be said to be the eyeball era, the products of the company if you want to seize the customer's eyes, the first thing to fluctuation full time is in the packaging, this is why many companies want to do high-grade packaging. So, you know high-grade packaging printing factory how to choose? Packaging printing what way? Down there and see it together. High-grade packaging printing factory how to choose what is just as its name implies is used for packaging products packaging box, box can be classified according to the materials such as paper box, tin box, wooden box, cloth box, leather box, acrylic box, corrugated boxes, PVC boxes, etc. , also can be classified according to the name of the product such as: the moon cake box, tea box, Chinese wolfberry box, candy box, exquisite gift box, special local product box, wine box, box of chocolate, food pharmaceutical health care products boxes, food boxes, tea boxes, pencil case, etc. Box function: to ensure the safety of products in the transportation, improve the grade of the product, etc. High-grade packaging printing factory how to choice when selecting a product packaging printing factory, the first step is to see how the printing design team level. In the era of eyeball, only do STH unconventional or unorthodox package can attract consumers of eyeball, therefore in design absolutely avoid procedural and popularization. Before choosing to view more product box, the manufacturer before done to see if in line with their own needs, its design concept is innovative, and so on. Next, want to see how the printing quality of the products provided. If the material of packaging printing plant home is not good, so in the design of superior to no avail, so in the choice of this point should be more cautious, must go to the factory inspection on the spot, see if raw materials through strict selection, etc. Finally, to see how the printing product prices. Generally looking for packaging printing factory, it must have a very large demand, so it's best to from its own economic conditions, choose the highest ratio of manufacturer. Some dealers in choosing a printing factory only choose good quality, but the idea is wrong, after all, also want to consider the cost of investment is reasonable, whether can bear their own economic conditions and so on. If you want to printing packing box, might as well go to divine printing. 1, tablet printing plate printing packaging printing way's biggest feature is the graphic part with the graphic part on the same plane. Tablet is a kind of indirect way of printing, printing ink printing to rubber roller, to borrow from the pressure roller printing to box surface of paper, because the plate will not direct contact with the paper printing ink not dizzy catch, so it is suitable for high quality packaging printing, even poor smoothness of paper also have the opportunity to overcome, and plate making work simple, low cost. 2, intaglio printing, gravure printing is the ink fill in gravure lines under the printing way. Gravure printing can take on the administrative levels of delicate, bright color, high saturation, high rate of resistance plate printing, print quality is stable, fast printing speed is suited to print name card. After the printing ink dry quickly at the same time, so it is suitable for printing large number of color magazine and leaflets. Defect is pre-press plate-making technology complex, cycle is long, plate making cost is high. 3, screen printing, silk screen printing is the graphic part of the hollow out, on the plate printing ink through the mesh transfer printing method. When printing surface for the bottle shape, such as cylindrical surface, or have to effect such as special process requirements, most will use screen printing. 4, the letterpress printing high-grade packaging printing factory how to choose the letterpress printing is to use some prominent graphic with ink, through the pressure will be on the plate printing ink print directly to the paper. Due to the direct contact with the plate paper, so can leave a dent or the edge of the thicker ink, line is beautiful, and not easy to counterfeit, powerful impression to the person, also often used for rough surface such as paper comic magazine. Because of its higher cost of printing and so on, so the general packaging printing, adopters. Packaging printing technology of 1, hit convex, embossing hit convex, embossing also called embossed, locally generated by pressure, gives the object change packaging design process, it USES the concave and convex mold, under certain pressure effect, make the box base material in plastic deformation. Thus on the surface of the box art processing. Divided into cheap ordinary corrosion and expensive laser cut in two. If you want to printing packing box, might as well go to divine printing. 2, gilding bronzing bronzing, hot silver. Heat the metal plate, foil. In the face of the box embossed on the paper with gold, silver words or patterns, with the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging technology, the application of electrochemical aluminum hot stamping is more and more widely, is the most commonly used packaging customization technology. 3, UVUV is referred to as ', the full name of UV transparent oil, is by ultraviolet irradiation can dry curing ink. In the face of the box of paper printed text pattern, live above a layer of light oil ( With light, matte, crystal panels, golden onion powder, etc. ) , its function is to add text pattern and the brightness of the LOGO and artistic effect, protection product surface, its high hardness and corrosion resistance of friction, not easy to scratch and so on, but the UV product is not easy to glue, some can only be addressed by local UV or polishing. The latest 3 d UV UV technology, implements the box surface concave and convex have send, tactility, dazzle colour, reverse UV, grinding, similar to the different effect such as hot stamping silver pressed, greatly increased the look of a box.
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