How many people in Tianci R&D department?
There are several people, who are all professional and experienced in cardboard box suppliers field, employed in Tianci Printing&Packaging R&D department. In this competitive society, we have been consistently developing R&D ability to improve the competitiveness of our product. We have always attached great importance to developing new products, which is beneficial for us to be a leading manufacturer.

Tianci printing&packaging wins wide printing and packaging companies market share with the unique advantage of printing and packaging companies. Various in styles, Tianci's folding carton manufacturers can meet the needs of different customers. With scientific structure and multiple functions, our printing and packaging companies is unique. Tianci printing&packaging sees major opportunities to apply its innovative competencies in the areas of printing and packaging companies.

Shenzhen we printing&packaging CO., LTD constantly optimizes its production structure and mode. Check now!
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