How many reasonable pictorial printing costs

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-30
How many reasonable pictorial printing costs? How to choose the appropriate printing company? This is to make a lot of clients of tangled problem. Maybe ask a lot of printing, the price differ in thousands ways, high to thousands of yuan, even tens of thousands, lower it to a few hundred! Price is too low, not worry about the printing equipment, be unable to stand tall and, moreover, are not necessarily high printing quality and high prices. So, pictorial printing is reasonable? How to choose pictorial printing partner? To let the customer clear printing costs, we for you to evaluate the following: any kind of products ( Service) There is a basic cost of pictorial printing is no exception. As a formal printing company, cost is measured by artificial time, as well as the company's operating costs. A slightly printing master, the level of wages in twenty thousand yuan commonly, daily wages by about $overland. Printing a picture book, must carry on the preliminary communication, according to the customer request to the customer, choose the most suitable paper craft, such as a book, from the early stage of the communication, to proofing really place the order, we arrange the production process each link of quality control in place. So, some prices vary more catastrophic, certainly the good printing equipment is less than what ( These are mostly lousy printing master, quality and services are not guaranteed) 。 And some of the higher cost, the price is too high, this is typically the large batch production printing company to achieve a certain amount to a reasonable price. In determining the printing before cooperation, must look at, to the best printing agency, see what are they doing work, look at their size and printing equipment.
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