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by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-30
We can meet in life, large and small picture album, the role of each album also vary, however, have the propaganda effect. Picture is need to be printed before the finish, can only be printed we come into contact with. So, how much is the picture album printing? How much is the picture album printing 1, what is the printing printing ( Printing, Graphic Arts, and by using Graphic Communications, the transmission of the graphics) Is the text, graphics, photos, anti-counterfeiting etc. The original plate-making, ink and pressure, to transfer ink to paper, fabric, plastic, leather and other materials on the surface, technology of bulk copy original content. Printing is approved by the review of the print edition, by printing machinery process and special transfer printing ink to printing substrates. Pictorial printing ( 图形打印) Is is given priority to with pictures and a small amount of text display of books and periodicals printing. Album is basically a coated paper printing, specialty paper and the cover, inside pages of the coated paper brochures, there are all adopt the special paper printing brochures. Traditional printing mainly has seven steps, the network printing is convenient and quick, become a printing enterprise LTD. 2, how much is the picture album printing picture album is a display platform, can use the picture album design and fluent line, have personal and enterprise's style, concept, harmonious beautiful images or text, creative, appreciating, combined into a brand image with promotional products, exquisite album. Album is illustrated an ideal expression, compared with the single words or pictures, album has incomparable absolute advantage. Because the picture album smart enough, can let a person be clear at a glance, but also enough to understand, because it has a relatively concise explanations of words. Process is different, the price is not the same, the more the number, the lower the cost. Album printing how much Qian Tianci summary for you, how much do you need to decide a picture book, mainly has the following basic elements: the size of the picture; The picture album of p ( The album has how many pages) ; Picture what kind of paper ( Such as coated paper, white cardboard, different paper divides different gram weight) ; Picture book binding way ( Such as binding, feeds, riding a nail) ; According to the related data of divine printing platform, album print run ( Printing presses generally 3000 ~ 5000, since different quantity, the price is different also, the print is smaller but the price is higher) If only estimate the size of the A4 size, can according to the digital print 5 yuan each page price estimate. Such as A4 size, a total of 10 pages, about 50 yuan. Large amount of printing, will only lower than the price, not high. How much does it cost to pictorial printing? Through summarizing the various materials, we have for each friends come to the conclusion that the album printing price quotation, after you finish see also can have their own judgment.
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