How to choose the appropriate packaging color box?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-02

because of color box packaging, regeneration recycle, is a kind of green packaging products, so in the process of commodity circulation, color box is more widely used packaging products, the whole society, the demand for color box is also more and more big. Than wooden box packaging color box packaging, woven bag packaging, plastic box packing bag packaging, and has more advantages, according to the different and appear a variety of forms of packaging products. So consumers in choosing packaging color box, choose what kind of packaging color box is appropriate? To want to choose the appropriate color box packaging, should understand the following aspects. 1 color box materials color box according to the material is different, can be divided into corrugated color box, single layer carton, corrugated color box to use the most. Corrugated color box press to form the different layers of cardboard, is divided into single layer, three, five, seven layers, 11 layers, etc. Three layers ( Single hole) And five layer ( The double pit) Corrugated box is the most commonly used. The layers of cardboard from the inside out are respectively in the paper, corrugated paper, core paper, tissue paper, etc, structure schematic as shown. In the paper is to use the tea board paper, glossy paper is to use kraft paper, core paper is made from corrugated paper. Tea board paper very soft, partial gray, rough surface, low prices and the proportion of light. Kraft paper, most are made of pure wood pulp compression, tear resistance, puncture resistant and good water resistance, etc. Most domestic corrugated paper to half chemical pulp or waste paper pulp making, useful also mixed pulp manufacturing. The waveform shape of corrugated board are mainly v-shaped, u-shaped and UV. V corrugated paper plane compressive strength is big, but the cushioning performance is poor, hit after deformation is not easy to recover; Firm bonding of u-shaped corrugated rich degree of elasticity that is impacted by the external force, unlike V fragile, but the plane compressive strength than V stare blankly. UV form corrugated paper not only plane compressive strength, and elastic. Three and five layers UV corrugated color box is used more widely. Is according to the largest integrated size of box body is in the table below, within the biggest quality can determine the appropriate type of corrugated color box, can be used for reference in the selection. 7 and 11 layers corrugated board is mainly mechanical and electrical, furniture, motorcycle and other large-scale production of packing products with super compressive strength and good cushioning performance. 2 color box structure there are many different kinds of color box, type diversity, according to international standards, the common basic box type slot type the type color box, color box, sheath fold type color box and combination box color box; In addition, a new type non standard containers. ( 1) Slot type color box. Slot type color box is currently the most widely used of a color box, is made up of one or a few pieces of processed corrugated board based on the combination of nails or glue method. Bottom and top flaps constitute the bottom and lid, namely under the wave on the cover and cover, can prevent the items from the bottom of the leak. This type color box has the advantage of folding flat during transportation, storage, has small volume, easy to use, seal dustproof, both inside and outside clean, etc. ( 2) Nested type color box. Nested type color box by one or a few pieces of processed corrugated board, its characteristic is case and lid are separated, when used on sets, a force and the compressive strength is better. This type of color box packing, sealing is the advantage of convenient, after the goods loaded is not easy to fall off, the whole strength of the color box is higher than slot type color box. Defect is set after closing, large volume, transportation, storage is not convenient. ( 3) Folding type color box. Folding type color box, also known as different kinds of color box, usually by a piece of corrugated board by indentation, die-cutting forming, color box bottom, side and are formed by folding box cover, no nails or glue. Advantage is color box after folding is small in size, convenient transportation and storage. ( 4) Combination color box. Combination color box is made up of two or more basic box, packaging can be according to the characteristics and requirements. ( 5) New type of non standard color box. New type of non standard color box, color box is mainly lapped type separate color box and color box type triangular prism. Lapped type color box is in color box factory to complete the system box, color box blank after using automatic packaging machine, by the user in the color box on the billet after good built-in objects, then the lapped boxes. Lapped type color box has the advantage of less material, color box with built-in tightly stick, also can realize high automation. Separate color box can be used in a variety of supplementary materials on the basis of the traditional type to move the small box to combine, in the process of circulation can be split into two or more, mainly to solve the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales. Triangular prism type corrugated color box is a box with a page of forming Angle line, corrugated color box of four corner form triangular prism or straight Angle structure, so that the compressive strength increased by 20% ~ 50%. Triangular prism type color box points tray type and seal type two kinds, and there are many box to choose from. Both standard and new type of non standard, commonly used way of sealing with adhesive sealing and sealing tape sealing, interlock and staple sealing, etc.
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