How to correctly determine the carton size

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-13
A corrugated carton, the size of the relationship between the transformation of corrugated carton size is divided into three types: diameter, outside diameter size and manufacturing size ( Or the processing size) 。 Between these three dimensions can be reduced, in theory is: the corrugated carton outside diameter size = corrugated carton + two diameter is the diameter size of the thickness of the corrugated board corrugated carton = + a corrugated carton manufacturing size the thickness of the corrugated cardboard, corrugated carton to determine the size of three models: 1. Provided directly by the user. — — For inner diameter size and outside diameter size can't requirements for the size of the user directly provide at the same time, must be clear is inside diameter size or outside diameter size, it is the only one customer for corrugated carton size inspection, when the user inspection in accordance with the requirements for the test. Emphasize here, due to the thickness of the cardboard and process control factors, can't also required inside diameter size and outside diameter size. 2. Provide sample case - — Through the slot notch is the location of the measurement, determine the size of the sample case due to the customer to provide samples is commonly used, most have deformation, high dimension, generally can be measured, but width size directly measuring inside diameter size or outside diameter size is not very standard. This kind of situation need through the slot notch is the location of the measurement, determine the size of the sample box. First sample of the box, open slit width measurement, and then measure the length and width of the surface wave cover size, to measure the thickness of the cardboard. Surface of cover size the length = the length of the slit width on the surface of cover manufacturing size width size on open width of slit width = make size 3. According to the user is packaging products for the user design, determine the corrugated carton size. — — Pay attention to the inner diameter size conversion into outer diameter size in general, make sure the size for the inner diameter of the corrugated carton size, mainly consider the following factors: the arrangement of the characteristic of packaging products, packaging, For individual products, corrugated carton structure size depends on the shape of the packing materials; Rational arrangement of the need when more product assembling place) Corrugated carton, lined with restrictions on the size and equipment and buffer material. Within the inner diameter of the carton size must ensure that objects can hold, generally the biggest diameter size is equal to the built-in content plus 3 ~ 5 mm parameters. At the same time, according to the diameter is converted to outside diameter size to consider corrugated carton and the combination of standard containers, can make full use of container space, avoid the size problem affect the container shipment.
Collectively, the effect of carton box packaging on industrial society has been to eliminate packaging design box and drastically reduce the time long associated with packaging design companies.
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