Huadu cardboard-box factory introduction to carton production process, how much do you know?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-16
Huadu carton factory production of carton is a three-dimensional modelling, it is made up of several mobile below, multifaceted, folding, surrounded by the accumulation of body composition. Three-dimensional form in surface in space, the effect was break up a space, on different parts of the face cutting, rotating and folding, the resulting surface will have different feelings. Carton to show the relationship must pay attention to the display surface, profile, the top and the bottom of the connection relations, and the set of packaging information elements. Huadu carton factory production of carton packaging to a great extent, by its exquisite modelling and decoration to beautify the goods, improve commodity competitive. Due to the shape and structure of the carton design often is to determine the shape of the packaged goods characteristics, so its a lot of styles and types, a rectangle, square, multilateral type, alien box, cylindrical, etc. , but the manufacturing process is basically the same, namely - select materials - Design ICONS - - Manufacturing template - - Stamping - - The synthesis of box. At the same time, the production process of the carton is very tight. Its technological process is: map for grade sample to map puzzle design, copy the puzzle design to puzzle design transferred to plywood, drilling and the kerf - molding - making die cutting plate Yin template. Huadu cardboard carton factory will be the first production model of version, and then use plywood for die cutting plate. Original idea box model is transferred to plywood, saw the line along the tangent line and broken line seam, die-cutting and creasing line knife embedded plywood, die cutting, it has a light, dimension precision, can be saved, etc. Also useful computer control, laser forming cutting board, carton size, shape, cardboard g input computer, and then through electronic computer controlled laser movement, on all the tangent plywood boxes, finally embedded into the knife line. 1. Draw a collage of work plan. According to the biggest paper carton design and can print size, the makeup design, save paper, easy to remove waste after cutting edge. According to the design drawing collage collage design. The samples of carton packaging. Cartons of black and white drawing is made of black and white line drawing picture. It's the size of each box has a precise, and line is very precise. 2. Copy the puzzle design. Copy of two pieces of puzzle design drawings, a for making printing plate, with a version for die cutting plate making, can guarantee the consistency, can accurate alignment in the die cutting. 3. Collage design drawings to plywood, can be manually copied or reproduced. Hand-painted to ensure high precision. Hole, see the seams. Have a special slot machine, wire saw is moved up and down. Drilling in two core box connected place, facilitate sawing saws, along the tangent line and line sawing. The thickness of the wire saw and die cutting knife line and creasing the thickness of the cutter line. 4 wire, wire with Zha line machine, bending machine, punching machine and other machinery according to the shape box off by the knife line, curved or bent into various angles. The height of the transverse cutter line is 23. 8 mm, thickness of 0. 7 mm, embedded die cutting of die tangent must be highly consistent. Creasing the knife line height and thickness depends on the thickness of the paper. Creasing line height of die cutting knife line height minus the paper thickness. After been embedded in the knife line, both sides want to put a foam rubber, so that the cardboard pop up from the die cutting plate. 5. Making die cutting plate Yin template. Yin template is in order to obtain good seam, steel plate with good insulating paper, into the machine, put away carbon paper, cover a layer of cardboard, again press for creasing machine, open fold stitching groove on the indentation. 6. Die cutting machine. Die cutting machine is usually a flat press, automatic feeding, automatic die cutting paper, average speed is 1800 - 3600 / time. Foreign die cutting with the electronic control device, the speed can reach 8500 / time, can automatically remove waste removal. Die-cutting and creasing machine is often used for cutting and cutting, can also be used for cold pressing, embossing, pressing, embossing, hot pressing, concave, etc. 7. The box. Made the carton box making machine folding carton making, for the use of the process. Single and double corrugated carton pit pit corrugated carton with flexible printing commonly, at the same time to carry on the wire, iron wire brush glue or order, made into the shape of a box, generally is folded plane rotation, when using open crates. Huadu carton factory production of carton packaging structure should give full play to the polyhedron shape characteristic, skillfully use body language to express the beauty of the characteristics of the product and packaging. In fact, the carton box structure is not only a stereoscopic effect, it also involves the process of production process, including carton graphics, knife mold making, pasting box molding, etc. , these links should be is a complex design. This requires the designer have a good understanding about the structure of the cartons, this design can be put into production. Above is huadu carton factory introduction to carton production process, this way you get here? If you have more good method, welcome to discuss together.
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