Huadu cardboard-box factory tell you a qualified color box needs to accord with what conditions?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-17
In this life full of color, color box packaging will undoubtedly commodity modified flawless. Both food and daily necessities, color box packaging plays a very important role. Packaging materials constantly, in addition to the traditional paper plastic, glass, metal packaging, people have begun to explore the use of new materials made from packaging, high school low-grade corrugated boxes of huadu cardboard-box factory has already started to into the market, to meet the diverse needs of customers. With the discovery of a growing number of packaging materials and application of domestic packaging material will be more rich in the future. Huadu carton manufacturer specializing in the production of various kinds of packing, especially the color box packaging, colorful and diverse styles. Color box packaging for easy processing, printing effect is fine, and so on, more and more get the favour of the public, and was welcomed by enterprises, has become the best choice of the color box packaging goods. With the continuous development of printing technology, huadu high school low-grade corrugated boxes also in constant progress, more and more beautiful color box appear in the eyes of the masses. As you all know, the color box plays an important role for a product, two of the same product to the customer the first feeling is judged from the color box, higher level of packaging can make the product to improve its value, a variety of product packaging need through a series of process to complete, so, do you know the color box color box in the process of machining needs to accord with what conditions? Here are the flowers simple carton color box packaging plant to explain. 1, side pressure test: mainly to test whether the support strength of the corrugated boxes to withstand range of gravity. 2, wear-resisting test: the main board is to test the unit area can even has the biggest pressure values. 3, adhesive peel test: mainly to check the color box bond strength of each part; If the bonding intensity is less likely to cause delamination, this will reduce the compressive strength of corrugated boxes. 4, puncture test: to test board is main external resistance suddenly can withstand impact energy value. 5, gouache test: mainly to check whether the water absorbing capacity of cartons moistureproof ability.
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