In the face of numerous carton manufacturer, we how to select the cartons good quality manufacturer

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-10
We usually need to use the cartons to generally has the following problem: a, cartons can be convenient for waste recycling and processing. Second, the carton can convenient storage management, also make it easier for the commodity information for identification. 3, easy to transport and loading and unloading of the item. Four, the cartons to make shelves display more convenient display and sales. Five, we usually buy things too much is not good, have the carton will be able to help us more convenient to carry items. Six, whether what production, the existence of the carton can help you production and processing, loading, labeling and stacking is more convenient. As the city of shenzhen, the carton factory also many, in the face of so many carton manufacturer, how should we choose good quality cartons? Shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory were recommended for everybody today. Shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory located in baiyun district, shenzhen city yongxing industrial zone ( Wide all the way from) 。 The traffic is very convenient, the factory is less than 100 meters wide from all the way. New layer 2 plants, covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, has high technical staff of more than 20, production workers, hundreds of new and diverse points paper machine, printing machine, slitting machine, beer machine and nailing machine, etc. A total of more than 10 units. With advanced thin knife machine can make the edges more beautiful, more reliable quality, high speed double color with slot cross largest printing machine printing length up to 2. 6 meters per minute, and can be printed 50 to 80 pieces of cardboard and other unique and rare 3 meters large drum double color printing machine, and matching color accuracy, can be printing machine can reach 3000 x2400mm large carton. After ten years of hard work, bring your own advanced production equipment, has developed into a product research and development. Production. Sales for the integration of modern enterprise management. Our business scope covers the entire shenzhen and the surrounding provinces and cities, the main business: BOPP bag as self-adhesive bag, flat pocket, bag bag, silver is sealed bags, leather bags, card bags, CARDS bags, all kinds of jewelry bag, PE bag, PO plastic bags and other packaging. Professional production of various kinds of carton, paper box, leather box, type B, type C wave corrugated paper, three layers ( Single hole) , five layer ( The double pit) And seven layers ( Three pit) Corrugated board, protect horn board, knife CARDS, environmental protection plate, K paper, paper, B, C, 3 paper, all kinds of low and medium upscale carton or special cartons. Shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory since its inception has been to fully implement the ISO9002 quality management system, committed to the production and sales of various types of packaging products, the factory to provide comprehensive services for packing materials. Our factory adhering to the 'your high quality requirements, it is our own' business philosophy, adhere to the principle of 'customer first, quality first' for the general customers to provide quality services. Welcome the masses of customers to patronize, letter calls business negotiations. Our partner shenzhen hengda cardboard-box factory about the quality of the carton standard requires the following: a, double corrugated ( 5 layers) Each layer per square grams weight and paper requirement: 1 layer ( Glossy paper) 175 g / ㎡ domestic kraft paper grade A, 2/4 layer ( Corrugated layer) 100 g / ㎡ high corrugated, layer 3 ( Intermediate sandwich) 150 g / ㎡ domestic kraft paper, grade A, 5 layers ( In the paper) 150 g / ㎡ domestic kraft paper A grade. Carton packaging, broke box test box is abnormal, The cartons are damaged or deformation, the product is damaged or deformation) ; Visual inspection carton four vertical edge ( Or plane) Whether bending. Three, pile test with the method of attachment, visual inspection whether the bottom carton exception ( Out of shape, craze, the product bursting carton, packing tape crack open, the product is damaged) 。 Four, open the lid to flip 270 degrees, reciprocating 3 times, visual inspection fold surface crack is less than 5 cm is qualified. Five, tile leng moisture content of 12% plus or minus 4 cartons ( If feel wet) 。
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