2005 Ford Focus Freeze Plug?

The idea of an engine block heater in a gasoline engine gives me the heebie-jeebies. It used to make sense in a diesel engine because in some climates the oil might congeal--but new fuels and electrical systems have solved that problem. If so, there is doubly no reason to have one in a gasoline-powered car, especially one with all the little hidden leaks of an older engine. Remember, gasoline has a much lower flash point than diesel fuel; it vaporizes at a much lower temperature and can explode where diesel oil can only burn slowly if it's not under pressure. And where is all this preheating going to take place, hmm? You could walk into a garage reeking of gas fumes---kick 'er over and she will kick YOU two doors over on the roof. If at the curb you face the jolly prospect of either 1. ripping off your extension cord or the whole car; or 2. someone catching a shoe in the cord on an icy sidewalk and win a negligence suit that will turn he next three generations of your family into paupers. Seriously, for less you can put a cord and light bulb (about 75 w) under the hood overnight or just making sure your battery and charging systems are up to snuff.

2005 Ford Focus Freeze Plug? 1

1. How does water get into a closed light bulb?

It depends on the type of light bulb you useIf you are using a halogen lamp or a xenon lamp, you may have the following conditions.Generally speaking, we think that the lamp is airtight, but in fact, it is mostly a semi closed structure (there is a vent pipe on the back cover of the headlamp).Its advantage is that the lamp body has a vent hole, and the headlamp cavity and the outside can be ventilated, which makes the pressure of the lamp in the two states of lighting and extinguishing balanced, and maintains the normal operation and stability of the headlamp, but the disadvantage is that the water may enter the cavity during the ventilation cycle. The cause of fog and water in the lampWe know how the water comes in, but to be precise, fogging and water inflow are two different phenomena. After the fog inside the lamp appears, the fog can be completely eliminated within 1-1.5H when the lamp is on; when the lamp is still, the fog inside the lamp can be completely eliminated automatically when it is stored for 24-36h in a dry environment with humidity

2. Fiat Punto Evo 2010, headlight bulb not turning on

So, I did some more looking around and found the owners handbook online that had the answer.From image 1 in questing. The left bulb is for day time running lights, the center is dipped/main beam and the right small bulb is sidelight.The setting "o" on control stick is daytime running lights. The "bulb" on stick is sidelights and the last is dipped lights.As per my question the picture 1 is from setting 'o'. The second from 'bulb' and third from would ipped' on the control stick. My understanding of lights was wrong and the daytime running lights were not working but the sidelights were working in image 2.Per owners handbook in the 'menu/esc' menu there is an option to turn on/off daytime running lights. I had this on off and hence the issue. I turned this to on and both left bulb turns on when on 'o' on lights control stick.

2005 Ford Focus Freeze Plug? 2

3. Is it okay to use a higher than recommended light bulb wattage if it is a CFL low energy bulb?

High Wattage Light Bulbs

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