2012 - the End of the World - Will It Happen?

Geomagnetic Reversal- As i've said in many many many of my other answers, they dont switch overnight, they take thousands of years, about 500,000 to be precise. the magnetic field weakens but does not switch off completely, there is no evidence as to a connection between a Geomagnetic Reversal and a Mass extinction, and secondly HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEONE KNOW ABOUT THE DATA A MAGNETIC FIELD REVERSAL CAN HAPPEN. Galactic Alignment- Im not even sure what this means anymore, so basically the Earth would align with a Black Hole (or the Sun will as well), blocking the radiation received from the Black Hole. to me that sounds like a good thing, but somehow people have said, well it could be good radiation, sounds stupid to me. Solar Flares- many people have stated that the Sun will blow up a huge Solar Flare, well from the last thing i've heard the Earth is protected by this, by the Magnetic Field, the Atmosphere and the O-Zone layer from all ends of the Suns spectrum, the biggest in History, the Carrington Event, caused no Mass Extinction, and i dont think the Sun can unleash a monstrous, doomsday flare anyway. Asteroids- we know nearly all of the near earth objects, there trajectory, there orbits, and there most likely future, they are dangerous and sometimes i worry about them but the simple fact is the most dangerous at the moment is Aphobis, and that isnt a risk until 2026, 2036 i think, and there is a 1 in 44,000 chance of a collision. Tsunamis, Earthquakes- it would have to be one huge Earthquake to destroy the planet, impossible without an external influence. Planet X (Nibiru, Wormwood, Brown Dwarf)- this defies all laws of Planetary Motion, if there was a huge Planet out there, there would be extremely big influences on the outside and Planets and we would see that, for Pete's sake, we can tell what type of a Star is 3 billion light years away, and some god knows way we've missed a huge Planet, Star, Asteroid whatever, right in our next door, sorry no i dont buy that for a Second. The world is not going to end, the film likes crap anyway, the plot is extremely poorly done, but i've only read the Wikipedia Entry en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_(film)

1. December 21, 2012: The End of Days?

"The prophecies all said that the man who will end the world, will be a world power, which is obviously the U.S...so what better than the leader?" "Vote McCain!" I know its hard, but try to think for a second. If everyone voted for McCain, then would not HE be the "man who will end the world"? After all, he is an ornery old "Get off my LAWN!" dude, while Obama has a very even temperament. Who is more likely to start WWIII? (which Nostrildamus said will begin in 1999... but you know with the time change and all... flight delays... any day now) You obviously do not know anything much about the Mayan Calendar, or US politics, but you are still young, so here's some advice. Stay in school, stay off drugs, always use condoms and buckle your seatbelt. When you are older, I will explain about politics.

2. How can I put my mind at ease about the whole 2012 end of the world thing?

Just keep telling yourself that the Mayans got lazy and found other hobbies better than writing on the side of a pyramid

3. How many people believe in 2012-end of world ?

do not get me incorrect, i am a clever guy. I used to think of it replace into pretend, yet then I pieced some issues at the same time and got here up with this: The famous person Betelgeuse went supernova 640 years in the past, and that's 640 mild years away - which ability every time from now into the subsequent millennium that is mild will attain us, there will be no night for 2 weeks, and it will look as though we've a 2nd, smaller sunlight. It is surely in comparison to famous person Wars' Tatooine, besides the fact that that's going to be a ideas-blowing sight. The be conscious Betelgeuse is linked with the devil. The Mayans have been extraordinary astronomers. Scientists say the supernova is so distant that it ought to not reason Earth any injury, which leads me to have faith we would have misinterpreted 2012. It does not say the international will end, the calendar only starts returned, which ability a clean start up. This celestial journey ought to've been a clean beginning up of their eyes

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