5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bunk Beds for Your Office Or Gym Party

Try craigclist or your local 'freecycle'

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bunk Beds for Your Office Or Gym Party 1

1. My sister and I are in the same bedroom and want bunkbeds we are at sams and saw bunkbeds?!?

OMG! when me and my sis used to share a room, we always wanted to have bunk beds but our parents said no. They have their reasons which are not entirely wrong. But do not try to convince yours right now or they will consider you spoilt! Talk to them patiently and politely when ya will get home and tell them why you really want it. I am sure if I would done a little bit of mature and polite talking to my parents, I would have got them convinced but I did not because we moved into a new house and me and my sis got separate rooms. But good luck with yours I hope your wish is fulfilled!

2. How do I convince my toddler to sleep in his bunk beds all night, he is scared.?

night light, get him new and cool bed sheets. leave the bedroom door a crack open. leave a night light in the hallway, just in case...maybe make up a story for a teddy bear. tell him that the teddy bear that he has can help him sleep; that the same type of bear was given to you by your mother/ great-grandmother (whatever) and that she prayed for the teddy bear to protect you when you were in the room by yourself. SOMETHING. anything to help your baby sleep. good luck.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bunk Beds for Your Office Or Gym Party 2

3. MY 2 boys share a room right now and I have a question about them staying in bunk beds?

They are fine for a long, long time. Also, if they are wanting something else, they are old enough to start a project and build a bed themselves, find some cheap or free mattresses (then do some cleaning), and put it all together. It might cost you a little, but it would be WELL worth the learning and sense of accomplishment they would gain. And beds are very simple :) Good luck and God Bless.

4. Did you ever have bunk beds as a kid (or adult) and roll of the top bunk?

no only at camp

5. Should i buy black or silver metal bunk beds for sons room?

black is to plan go with silver brighten up the room. They will love it!

6. How do I decorate and arrange a room for three girls that have to share?

We had the SAME situation as you; and, unfortunately, our bedroom size was not big enough for three twin beds. At the time, we had a 12 y/o, 4 y/o, and newborn.... yes, this was "interesting" First, I painted the room bright and cheery to match everyone's "thing". ... we bordered with the daisy pattern from that great 'ole Wal-Mart. Our little one had her crib/mobile in the corner with the rubbermaid 3 drawer underneath her crib and a small toy box at the foot of the crib. The 12 y/o and 4 y/o shared a set of bunk beds. .. of course, the younger one was on top (lighter weight) and they shared a 6 drawer Chest. A toy box was on one end of the closet for the 4 y/o as the 12 y/o had rubbermaid container drawers to slide underneath the bed for her "hobby stuff"... they all 3 shared the closet (this part was fun!). .. but, now the oldest will soon be graduating and moving out. The middle daughter is 10 and our little one is 4 so they pretty much share everything! Good Luck!

7. How do I convince my Sister to get Bunk Beds in our Room?

Dust Mites? Really? Is your sister handicapped?

8. I need to find a free set of bunk-beds and a free washer and dryer!?

So join Freecycle in your area. Go to Yahoo and search for Freecycle.org. Find one in your area and join

9. Instead of seats, why don't they have bunk beds in airplanes flying longer than 6 hours?

In economy you: 1.dont have enough room 2.safety reasons built off that 1. In an average economy class the way it is set up will fit the capacity that the aircraft can hold and still make money, if you had beds that would take up more room so that you could have less passengers. 2. If you needed to do an emerngency evacuation you would make the job harder and more dangerous as a lot of room would be taken up by bunk beds

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