A Stem of "white Supremacy's" Question...?

A stem of "white supremacy's" question...?

stop. jump out a window

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Will a plant's stem regenerate or something if you tape the stem?

It depend how badly damaged it is and whether it can still draw up liquid. You do not say what kind of plant it is but say it was a rubber plant, for instance, you could put a polythene wrap around the stem, pad with compost and secured top and bottom. The stem could generate new roots from this point which you could then re-pot. Cut off below the root, leave the original plant which may develop new shoots from the top. Depends really what the plant is. Some do - some do not

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Only half of students graduating with a STEM degree [in 2009] were able to find STEM jobs [then]

(Partial answer) I found some corroborating evidence in a 2013 NSF survey. As summarized in a 2017 NYT article:Other than preserving the relative order (CS/IT > STEM), I can only conclude that the numbers vary widely depending on the source of data. The same goes for LBS stats which show a deficit of (qualified) graduates in IT/CS (but not other STEM fields), as detailed in the accepted answer to another question (pointed out by GEdgar in a comment above). And (although not in the purview of my question as formulated above) the relative ordering does not seem to hold in other countries, e.g. in Australia:

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i have a leak on the facuet on my bath tub i have change the stem and the rubbers and it still leak the brand?

The problem may be a pitted seat (a brass fitting that the washer(rubber) presses against to seal in the water. In the US the seat is removable, by an allen wrench or a flat blade scewdriver of the proper width. Just peek inside when you remove the stem and look at the particular type you have. If you can not get the seat out, you can buy an inexpensive hone system at the supply shop that threads in where the stem would go and allows you to resurface the seat to a smooth condition again. But the best way to solve it is removing the seat and replacing it, if it will come out. good luck

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How should you plant tomatoes?

Take them out of the store container they came in and plant them in a larger pot that you want them to grow in. Also, plant them a little deeper in the soil, so that you cover up a small portion of the stem. This will promote more root development.

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squash are rotting on stem why?

Blossom-end rot, probably. Possibly caused by extreme fluctuations in soil moisture (ie. going from being very wet to being very dry); rapid growth early in the season, followed by really hot, dry weather conditions; excessive watering/rain that smothers the root hairs; or excessive soil salts. Try to maintain a consistent soil moisture and loose, well-drained soil. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers or large quantities of fresh manure.

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I am in Biology and we are doing a project.....?

Okay. First of all, correct your spelling. You are doing it on Effects of sugared water on a cut plant stem. (or on how sugar Affects a cut stem) Your hypothesis is what you expect to happen, like: "Hypothesis: The plant stem in the sugar water will grow faster/ stay greener/ rot/ whatever." Do you know how you are doing it? That's the procedure. Write it as a series of steps, and put explanations in where they are needed. For example: Step 1. Pour a pint of room-temperature water into a container. Step 2. Put a teaspoon of sugar into the water and stir. Step 2. Cut stem slantwise with a knife. Step 3. Put stem into the water. Step 4. Check it. Obviously, you will have to write the steps as you actually do them, but that's the idea. If you also need to set up a control, such as a plant stem in water without sugar, write steps for that, too. Writing the steps up should help you figure out the materials you will need. Just list them, like this: Materials: container water knife sugar stirrer plant stem what else? Data is a record of what happens. Make a little table chart. One column is date & time, one is how the cut stem looks, maybe another column for how the control stem looks. Record the results on a row each time you check it. Start with the initial state, how it looks when you first have it in the water. Check it again after an hour or a day, however you are doing it. Probably you should also write a conclusion paragraph or two saying whether your hypothesis was correct or not and adding some thoughts on why the sugar affected the stem the way it did.

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