Brake Fluid in Radiator Reservoir?

break fluid is an oil, Glycol witch is coolant has a oil base. 8 oz is not going to hurt that much but I would change the cooland as soon as you can and have it flushed also

1. i have a 1997 chevy camaro-?

put your e-brake on 1 click it should shut off your lights it worked on my 96 lumina

2. why is my brake master cylinder braking?

you must be getting a bad master cylinder. take it back and get a new 1. i got mine for my oldsmobile at auto zone and i don,t have any trouble with it. mine is a duralast

3. my parking brake light is always on....what can it be????????

There is a switch that is pushed in when the brake is not on. The switch should be located near the foot pedal of the e-brake or the handle and may just need to be adjusted.It's just a simple switch that will most likely be double nutted and needs to be screwed in our out.

4. Does Mac MakeUp Make You Brake Out ?

MAC makeup will not make you break out if you are using the proper makeup removal routine. MAC has face washes and/or wipes to help with this. Example, MAC studio fix has silicone in it and if not properly removed. .it can and will clog your pores. If you can not break away from your MAC makeup (cause I know i can not ) invest in their skincare products. Their wipes are awesome and they are PH balanced (so are their face washes) so that means you do not have to use a toner/astringent. Hope this helps!!

5. Scion TC Brake Light Replacement?

cost = under 2bucks. go to local parts or dealership and give them info. once you locate the connector of the brake light. turn the socket left and pull it out. yank out bulb install new bulb, put socket in the slot and lock it by turning right

6. Brake lights driving be nuts!!!!?

if this is the case just replace the switch

7. Brake lights won't turn on!?

You have a short in the system that is blowing fuses, and last time it blew your bulbs. Does it happen only when you press the brake pedal, or did they blow when you were not pressing on the brakes? This should guide you to where the problem may be. If while pressing the brakes, shorted switch under the brake pedal or wires there. Breakes off; anywhere in the system.

8. Tightining or fixing the parking brake?

check to see if there was a recall on that year e-brake. my 94 wrangler has a recall where the e-brake actually pops loose. im just too lazy to take it to the dealership and have them fix it. or not i just havent got around to it

9. Parking Brake wires on 96 Ford Explorer ??

why would you hook the dvd to the parking brake?

10. How to brake with a motorcycle at high speeds?

I am surprised you are capable of typing your question! maybe you should have a rest between the answers. If I find you and your broken motorbike, I will kick you into the kerb.

11. At Mechanic, how much for Front Rotors and Brake Pads?

The difference in price between the 2 vehicles is the rotors, price seems to be in the ball park, and as I doubt they would use the cheapest rotors on the market due to warranty issues about $80 bucks a piece is the going rate, so there ya go. and just a heads up garages love to sell you air filters you do not need, unless you drive in very dusty conditions you can go about 3 or 4 oil changes before needing an air filter, if it aint dirty dont change it

12. My 2002 Ford Focus' brake lights stay on when i am in gear, but works when i am in park. WTH?

one element which incorporate your brake fluid 0.5 finished you may study your brakes. you may purely have low fluid point once you brake pads/footwear placed on down except you have a leak. once you bypass to alter the pads and and in the previous compressing the wheel cylinders you will could get rid of a few fluid from the grasp or it is going to leak out and throughout. Brake fluid loves paint. in the adventure that your are speaking approximately your rear tail lighting fixtures that are staying on and not your brake easy indicator interior the cluster examine your B.O.O swap (brake on/off) it sounds like it incredibly is defective and desires to get replaced

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