Does Tianci provide OEM service?

Tianci Printing&Packaging offers OEM service which makes manufacturing cheaper and more efficient. In China, the OEMs may differ in standards, quality and procedures. Careful consideration must be given. We are now shifting into a service based company from a manufacturing based company. We will offer all round services to you.

Does Tianci provide OEM service? 1

Shenzhen Tianci printing&packaging CO., LTD has rich experience in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling Windowing packaging. Various in styles, Tianci's folding carton manufacturers can meet the needs of different customers. The good-looking appearance of Tianci printing&packaging printing and packaging companies has caught attraction of more customers. What sets printing and packaging companies apart from other products is the characteristic of printing and packaging companies.

Shenzhen our team printing&packaging CO., LTD will actively expand and extend the industrial chain. Get quote!

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