Double Eleven Bluetooth Headsets Are Recommended. What Brand of Real Wireless Bluetooth Headsets Is

Double eleven Bluetooth headsets are recommended. What brand of real wireless Bluetooth headsets is better

Many people have not yet recovered from the "retaliatory" consumption in the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, and the "double 11", which is considered to be the world's largest online shopping festival, comes one after another. This year's double 11 is the time for major Bluetooth headset brands to show their skills. How to choose Bluetooth headset brands on double 11? Here are some real wireless Bluetooth headsets with excellent reputation

Xisem Xisheng Bluetooth headset

Xisem Xisheng Bluetooth headset is the latest super popular Bluetooth headset. In order to ensure sound quality and comfort, xisem Xisheng headset has gone through more than 30 processes from material selection, cutting, shaping and grinding to create a unique boutique. And the cost performance is very high. It is evaluated as the best sound quality brand in the thousand yuan Bluetooth headset.

Xisem West Saint ASN semi in ear Bluetooth headset started with the selection of materials and visited hundreds of suppliers. They all chose imported materials. In addition, there are more than 60 high-intensity quality testing processes, which is twice as many as ordinary headphones. There is no word about the quality and workmanship. Collocation, xisem spare no effort, 10mm large size moving coil composite diaphragm, Bluetooth 5 chip with ceramic antenna, double host single ear seamless switch, wear self test (wear on play, off off), dual ear noise reduction call, HD voice, awesome voice quality, touch control, endurance to 500 yuan, the price is 99 yuan.

Sony wf-1000xm3 true wireless Bluetooth headset

Produced by Sony, it is a high-quality product. Sony has been focusing on the development of sound products for many years. The biggest feature of this wf-1000xm3 is its powerful noise reduction function. The special HD noise reduction processor qn1e adopts dual noise sensor technology, which is applicable to a variety of scenes and can basically filter out any noise. It is one of the best noise reduction products in the TWS headset market. At the same time, compared with previous products, the endurance, wearing comfort and connection stability of the headset have reached a new height.

Airplads Pro true wireless Bluetooth headset

The built-in H1 chip made by apple is the Bluetooth headset with the best delay and stability at present. It is equipped with active noise reduction technology. It can detect external sound and analyze environmental noise to create an equivalent anti noise function to eliminate background noise. The in ear design also makes the sound quality of the headset better, and the overall performance has been significantly improved compared with the previous generation. The price of airpods pro1999 yuan, It is quite in line with the product positioning of "pro" series. Although the price is a little expensive, it does not affect fruit powder's love for this headset. It was robbed as soon as it was on the market.

Meizu Pop2 # true wireless Bluetooth headset

The packaging of Meizu Pop2 adopts simple design and emits a small fresh smell. Meizu Pop2 real wireless Bluetooth headset is also very light in weight, only 5.4G. Although the sparrow is small and dirty, the touch control, breathing lamp, microphone charging and electric shock are all on this small body.

Double Eleven Bluetooth Headsets Are Recommended. What Brand of Real Wireless Bluetooth Headsets Is  1

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