How Could Someone Meditate for Years?

How could someone meditate for years?

Use Omharmonics From hotshot CEOs to world-class athletes to your next-door neighbour, millions of people agree that meditation is simply awesome.And whether you are a seasoned meditation pro, an aspiring Himalayan monk, or even just a curious bystander, we are sure you will agree too. Because you've seen the scientific proof. And there's a high chance you or your friends and family already use meditation to focus, relax and melt away stress.But the big question is…How can you get all the benefits of meditation?We are talking about using meditation to relax like a zen monk. Become a superstar at work. Manifest creative ideas like an artistic prodigy. And enjoy deeper relationships and connections

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How can I avoid overthinking and anxiety?

any type of meditation, practiced diligently over time…will help you overcome it.breath awareness is one technique you can take up for you to learn to become conscious of your anxious thoughtsand be a witness of them…tanscending them.instead of getting lost in them

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How to get rid of the worst headache ever?

try to take steam of steam water.tell him to do meditation and try to tell him to have positive thinking all the time it will definetly work

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Witches ,Wiccans,Pagans : My supposed "friend" cast a curse on me ??

You can always do a protection spell or meditation

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Am I having psychic dreams?

you have comprehend-how that allot right here assist you to comprehend to wish to Jesus to save you or say you have demons or are packed with it. some ought to be your subconscious strategies telling you what your wakeful does not see. or you are able to have comprehend-how that all of us are able to yet maximum placed on blinders and have not got faith in. i might study meditation so as which you should earnings a thank you to concentration the aptitude which you already are exhibiting

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The impact of the subconscious mind on the conscious mind

If meditation is done properly, kamma starts to unwind. When kamma is unwinding, visions arise. When visions arise, let them arise. When you let them arise, experience them. When you experience them, do not cling on them or be afraid of them. If you wo not cling on them or be afraid of them, visions will cease and awakening will not be far away.Visions during sitting meditation are signs of being on the right path towards awakening and final liberation

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Does anyone have tips on meditation?

Watch what kind of mantra you use. Use one that you know the meaning of

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Is it true that meditation can replace sleep?

Hellowe need sleep (jamies roe has written reason, as to why we have to sleep). so I won't tell you reason, rather i will focus on how can one keep body healthy without sleep, and what it takes to discard sleep from the routine.sleep is closely related to life energy. This life energy is also known as kundalini (in Hinduism). when we are in deep sleep, we unconciously enter near a state, acquired during meditation. In this state, this life energy heals our body. Reason: we are all mere vibrations (you can clarify this on internet), in different levels of sleep vibrating frequency differs. During deep sleep this frequency gets aligned with cosmic frequency and energies Or vibrations of cosmos and kundalini travel in nadis via chakras.Not sleeping means, we have to channelize this flow of energy conciously. Only way to do this is to meditate. Its said few minutes of mediation is equal to 4-5 hours of sleep. When I say meditate I dont mean concentration. Unwavering concentration leads to blissful state of meditation.Now, As we know sime what about life energy and meditation, I will focus on steps to discard sleep. practise asanas till the time your body functions smoothly ( both internally and externally).2. practice pranayama to clarify your nadis ( nadis are like blood vessels, but unlike blood vessels, they transport life energy to each and every cell of body).3. During 2nd step one has to be catious that he doesn't have any negative and wrong feelings, emotions, thoughts and deeds. One has to stay in state of joy and think positve, chaste in thought, speech and deed, also think good for others, to practice pranyama. Reason being: negative and wrong stuff will lead to clash between pure life energy and impure vibrations genrated by us. Main aim of pranyama i.e to clarify nadis will be lost and no furthur progress will be made. Moreover, this will have adverse affect in mind functions.4. After months ( can be years, depending on individual level of purity) of practicing pranyama with full concentration and without any day-off, one is ready to take up yog nidra.5. After practising yog nidra and getting perfect in it, one can move forward to concentartion on breathe. This has to be done by sitting in any comfortable asana and quit room. Early morning 4AM, evening 6PM and midnight are best time for it, as surrounding is quit during this time.6. Focusing on breathe will slowly take mind in deep trance state of meditation. CAUTION: Pranayama, yog nidra and concentration of breathe has to perfected and should be natural. No thoughts, when you are breathing just observe breathe. Dont even think i am concentrating or i am doing yog nidra or i am doing good stuff. Just oberve, thougths will keep popping up, still keep observing thoughts, dont generate counter thought. only then you will progress, otherwise it will be merely a timewatse.7. After experincing this blissfull state, you no longer will need sleep, instead you will sit in meditation for energising yourself. Is it true that meditation can replace sleep?Is it true that we actually did not need sleep?

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