How Did Thanos Destroy the Infinity Stones?

The clue lies in the way how the Avengers found out where Thanos was in Avenger: Endgame. Thanos used all the six stones twice in Avengers: Infinity War, second time during the snap, and the first time minutes before the snap while he was trying to block Stormbreaker. RHODEY: That's cute, Thanos has a retirement plan.STEVE: So where is he?ROCKET: When Thanos snapped his fingers, Earth became ground zero for a power surge of ridiculously cosmic proportions. No one's ever seen anything like it... Until two days ago. [A hologram of a planet pops up, with a shockwave visibly traversing the surface] On this planet.NEBULA: Thanos is there.NATASHA: He used the stones again. Avengers: Endgame Following Rocket's words, power surge following Thanos' first snap and the power surge detected on Thanos' farmer planet were the same.So, we can eliminate the fact that he used all the stones but did not snap. It is therefore highly likely that he performed the snap again to destroy the stones.

1. Sum of Infinity of Trigo to Pi

Hint: $sin fracpi2^n = 2sin fracpi2^n1 cos fracpi2^n1$ and the fundamental limit for sine tells us that $pi lim_nto infty fracsin fracpi2^n1fracpi2^n1 = pi$. Try to do some algebraic manipulation to get those

2. 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Infinity Stereo Problems?

The amp is under the passenger seat. Remove the passenger seat with a 14mm socket, there are 4 bolts, one on each end of the seat rail, just pry the plastic covers off to get to them. Once the seat is out you can remove the amp to inspect the terminals that corrode. Also check the harness connector. If the amp is bad and all fuses are good, try to find a used one at an auto recycler

3. Why is spatial conformal infinity a point

Indeed the plane is conformal to the punctured sphere (by stereographic projection), rather than the open disc. This means that its conformal boundary is the single point at infinity on the sphere. This is an aspect of the uniformization theorem in 2-dimensions, but it's true in all dimensions. To see why the plane is not conformal to the open disc, consider that a conformal map from the plane to the disc would be a bounded holomorphic function, and hence constant by Liouville's theorem in complex analysis.In higher dimensions it follows another theorem of Liouville. Those hidden spheres of angles in the Penrose diagram you were asking about get squashed to zero size at infinity. Note that the situation is different for Minkowski space, whose conformal compactification has topology $S^1 times S^d$. In general signature $(p,q)$ the compactification has topology $S^p times S^q$. See this question for instance

4. Can infinity be made finite in certain conditions?

The difference between what is infinite and what is finite is that what is finite exists for our perception. What is infinite does not. We cannot interact with infinite stuff. So, you cannot build a thing with an infinite number of bricks, whether they are small or big. Because that does not exist. If we can say anything, it is that the result will not exist. ..."it seems impossible though, but this is philosophy". A flawed proposition cannot be the base for a logical construct

5. Set Notation (Axiom of Infinity)

Let's begin by understanding the letters and their meanings, then we will give context to everything. So all in all what do we have? The axiom of infinity says the following thing:There exists a set $S$, such that the empty set is a member of $S$, and whenever $x$ is a member of $S$, so is $xcupx$.Then what do we have? $varnothingin S$, and therefore $varnothingcupvarnothing=varnothing$ is a member of $S$. Therefore $varnothingcupvarnothing$ is a member of $S$. Therefore $varnothing,varnothingcupvarnothing,varnothing$ is a member of $S$. And so on ad infinitum.If we think about $varnothing=0$, and $xcupx$ as $x1$ we have that $0in S$, $1in S$, $2in S$, and so on. So $S$ corresponds to a set which contains the natural numbers, and so it is infinite.Of course $S$ may include other objects, but we can conclude with the other axioms that there is some $S$ which includes only the natural numbers in the way we represent them with sets. This set is commonly known as $omega$

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