How Do I Go About Becoming a Wedding Planner? It's Something I'm Interested In.?

Some people who are wedding planners do not even go to school. You can start by using your ideas by looking at differ net wedding books and get ideas from on line and start a portfolio and create a resume to get started. It really is a hobby that turns into a career. The only thing you have to do is plan the wedding and the rest will follow. if you are a good planner you should be successful in this dept

1. If planning your wedding is becoming too much, how late can you still hire a wedding planner?

Get your own wedding planner budget sheet online first, print it. Make sure you both list priorities. mine was budget, dress, flowers, coctails,dinner, no stress. Venues take time and budget. One can look online for that. I chose a vintage house and garden wedding. small less stress and budget. From there a wedding planner can help you. If you do plan your own food, venue etc. have a planner a few weeks in advance to confirm the food clergy license venue and helpers. If you are lost on food, beverages, venue, give plenty of time,, a few months for the planner to reserve all of this. Have a great day. If planning your wedding is becoming too much, how late can you still hire a wedding planner?

2. How could i have an AWSOME party without a party planner ?

First goggle dj's in your area. Then closer to the party go to the store and get food. Most stores have party platters togeter already or you can order some. Go to a party store and get some decorations

3. Would you use a wedding planner for the entire event or just day before and of management?

i would tell you that if you can afford a planner to go ahead because planning a wedding is extremely stressful.i however have been planning my own wedding and i find it very rewarding.with the help of both sets of family we are getting things done fairly quckly and for not alot of money. we want all the extra money to go to showing our guest a wonderful time

4. What percent should you pay a financial planner?

Hi,I am shubam Ghosh .Financial planner is very importat in todays world.We all are expert in our field and same wise financial planner aslo are expertise in their work. So when we plan for financial planning they play vital role in our life. Their are different types of financial planner:-i)Like fees based financial planner -Who charge for their services from 5000-2000rs depending on the types of services.ii) Few Regular financial planner-They will not charging you as they get fees from the companies with whom they associated as authorized distributors.So both are good ,and you can go with anyone. More important is the ideas and investment they plan for you.If you are satisfied then go with that financial planner

5. What skills are needed to be a party planner?

You need to really know people and be able to read them well. What do they like? What rings their chimes and excites them? How do they interact? You need to analyse your client and his/her group of friends/family etc. So a degree in communication and/or psychology could be of great help. You need to be creative and willing to take risks. You need to have good taste and know what is "in" and then follow the rules. Then you need to know how to throw out the rules! You need to be organized and able to direct others in an organized manner. You need a sense of time and how long people's attention can be held before you move on to something else. You need to know your competitors and you need to know some business skills or have the ability to hire someone who is trustworthy to run the financial end of things. A degree or minor in business and marketing could be a plus. Most of all you need to know how to have fun and share that twinkle in your heart w everyone around you. Your attitude will have a lot to do with how happy your customers are!

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