Is It Possible to Run a Vehicle by Hydrogen?

yes they already make them (very rare) they have a hydrogen station down in washington D.C

1. In need of a Vehicle for college?

You wo not need a vehicle at all, and definitely NOT a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Save your money for school books and food. You will need that a lot more

2. Can a vehicle be powered by ethanol alone?

NO, that stuff will kill the engine! :-)

3. Fuel neck not aligned in my vehicle?

"what that hole that I put my nozzle in to refill my car is called so I can google the problem?" What year is your "MY CAR" and is it a 2 or 4 door MY CAR?

4. Is electric vehicle success everywhere?

The success will be achieved and has to be achieved for the betterment of the future. Some fast-growing countries in the EV industries are Norway which has the highest market penetration in electric vehicles, also China and the USA have shown great sales, even better than Norway. The world is also moving ahead from plug-in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) to hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) that will give zero-emission. Tesla has Europe as the highest sales country. Governments across the globe are working on spending a great number of funds for the EV infrastructure. If not successful today within most parts of the world. Electric vehicles for sure is the future. Brands will boom giving affordability and sustainability

5. Vehicle Problems AND DEALERSHIP Problems HELP?

Very unlikely would they buy it back. These guys do not worry about reputations.. Although they may buy it back at aloss to you. Ive delt with dealers AND manufacturers they just give you the major run around.

6. Sirens on a private vehicle?

Emergency vehicle status does not exist for animal emergency transportation. So to use a siren on a vehicle that is being used to take animals to or from a vets office would be illegal. It is legal for a vehicle that is being used for emergency purposes to have a siren in many places. Volunteer fire men for example can have them and light bars. But even they can get into trouble using them in the wrong way.

7. how to temporarilly dissable a drunks vehicle?

Just take off your coil wire. Its the wire that looks like a spark plug, but goes from the center of the distrubutor (the thing all the plug wires run to) to the coil. If you just take it off, both ends, and keep it/hide it somewhere, the car will only crank but not start, the car is not getting any spark this way

8. Is it really a traffic stop? Was I operating the vehicle?

First off, the fact that they stopped you on private property is irrelevant. The traffic offense - you driving the vehicle with a suspended license - occurred on public property en route to the station. That offense does not simply disappear because you are now on private property, nor do the police need to wait for you to leave private property in order to stop or arrest you. So. .. forget the gas station even exists in this scenario.The real issue at hand here is whether or not the officer needs to actually see you driving the vehicle in order to make an arrest. The answer is no. There is not any other valid reason your car would be where it is now other than it was driven there. If you are the only person with the car, then it's reasonable to assume that you were the one that drove it there. Plenty of people get arrested for this "connect the dots" way of proving they drove, especially in DUI cases. But the officer does not even need to assume that second part either. It all comes down to the actual definition of "driving" in the law books. Most citizens would interpret the word as meaning actually moving in a vehicle. That's wrong. Defining a driver and what constitutes driving is actually way, way broader in the eyes of the law. In Kansas, a driver is defined in such a way:8-1416. "Driver" defined. "Driver" means every person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle.Essentially, having physical control over the vehicle is generally enough to label you as the driver or that you are driving the vehicle. In a lot of states, having possession of the keys to the vehicle is enough for a court to say you had physical control of the vehicle, because "physical control" is more broadly defined as "capable of making it move and within close proximity" to the vehicle. Thus, you can be arrested for traffic-related offenses. It does not matter if the car is parked, if you are filling it with fluids, or just taking a nap in the front seat.

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