Is It Safe for Me to Color My Hair While Shedding?

go with a haircolor thats all natural with no chemicals. like garnier 100% color. any hair dye with no amonia should help cuz ders no chemicals in it to damage your hair or cause your shedding to worsen. is the shedding a genetic thing? hair dye wont make it any better though.

1. What color will my black hair dye fade too?

black wo not lighten up to any other color without processing it

2. Can hair dye cause permanent damage and hair loss? I dye my hair at home and my hair sheds excessively.?

the semi permanent color will actually be better for your hair

3. if you apply punky hair dye right after bleaching your hair will the color not stay in well?

They might be saying wait 24 hrs so your hair doesnt get fried and fall out. may have nothing to do with holding color. i would seriously look into that before doing it.

4. How do you remove Splat jet black hair dye?

Splat Jet Black

5. Questions for SPLAT hair dye users! (bright colors)?

The semi permanent one is different. The box comes with bleach and instructions on how to do different styles with the color (streaks, dip dying, peek a boo highlights, etc.) When I used it, it faded within a week. ( I even used the bleach!!) But don't let that discourage you. The pink color was vibrant for the first three days, and I LOVED it. Also, my hair might be different than yours. I did this with my best friend and she has light blonde hair and it lasted longer in her hair. (2-3 months) I'm not sure about which color lasts the longest, as I've only used it once. Just choose the color you want, and make sure to use the bleach for the appropriate amount of time. Good luck (:

6. Best homemade temporary red hair dye for a blonde.?

Kool aid lasts to long on dirty blonde hair. Are you also curling your hair? If you are, try using orange hair spray to hold the shape. Or hair chalking, food coloring, or markers.

7. my hair doesn't look natural?

if your hair color dosnt work with your skin tone and such its common but if u reeaally dont like it. just consider hair dye

8. If the purple hair dye came out red, can I dye over with blue to correct the same brand?

Are we talking Demi permanent, semi permanent, vivids or permanent color?You have the idea correct blue with red is purple. I do not know what is happened to your hair but it sounds like either you did not get it light enough for the purple to show if it's a vivid. Even putting blue in may not show purple if the red is super strong.

9. how long does red hair dye last?

depends what color hair you have now. so ya

10. How can i get brown hair dye (semi perminant) out of blonde hair?

Jusr keep washing your hair. Wash it every day and call a hairdresser befor you try anything you buy to get it out. Thats what i did when i dyed my purple

11. Anyone have any experience with Henna hair dye?

Yes, the lighter the hair, the redder your hair will be. You can tone down the red by mixing the henna with indigo (do a search for henna indigo hair dye). Henna works best on hair that does not have other dyes. For best results, make sure you use a natural henna with no other chemicals added in. Keep in mind, when you dye hair with henna it's best not to dye over henna with synthetic hair dyes. Henna is a natural plant that dyes the hair, it's a bit messy, but well worth it for the out standing results. There are lots of tutorials on the internet on how to mix it and apply it

12. Would mixing a semi permanent and permanent hair dye work?

No, you absolutely, positively, cannot mix semi-permanent and permanent dye. They have opposite pH levels (semi dyes are acidic in pH, permanent dyes are alkaline in pH). Mixing them wo not hurt your hair at all, but the chemicals are not compatible, so you might get some really awful results.

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