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History of drag racing

Before the European settlers came in the early 1800s Greenfield was used exclusively as a seasonal hunting and fishing ground by the Mi'kmaq, who had settled the valley on either side of the river. The Mi'Kmaqs called the area Ponhook until the name was changed to Greenfield in 1850 by European settlers. In the early 1830s the Jesuits began travelling to the area to convert indigenous tribes to Christianity. They built a chapel in 1859 near the lake pool at the head of the river, but it was never completed. In 1840 the Government of Canada designated a reserve on the west side of the river chiefly for a burial ground and chapel.

Besides the Jesuits, the first European settler to come to the area was Samuel Hunt Sr (17921872), who persuaded the natives to let him settle there by trading large amounts of liquor from his bootlegging operation. The second settler to arrive was Gorham Freeman (18031881), and in 1832 the first "single" saw mill was established at the head of the falls on the river.


Career of drag racing

He was nicknamed "Ronnie the King" because of his success at the local Atlanta "King of the Hill" drag competition, where he proved too be one of to be one of the most accomplished drivers in the Southeast.

DeathOn Sunday, April 10, 2016, Davis had finished his qualifying run for a race at Rockingham Dragway in 4.130 seconds at 178.19 miles per hour, before his car shot to the left where he crashed into the guard-wall and his car barrel-rolled out of control. He suffered major injuries and was taken to Moore County Regional Hospital in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and later to UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he died that same day.

Also injured in the accident was Ian Tocher, a photographer for Drag Illustrated who was hit by the tumbling car that Ronnie Davis was driving. He was airlifted to UNC Medical Center in Chappell Hill, North Carolina. He suffered an open-book pelvic injury, as well as two badly broken legs. After going through several major surgeries doctors were able to save his legs.


Doug Kalitta of drag racing

Doug Kalitta (born August 20, 1964) is an American auto racing driver from Ypsilanti, Michigan and owner of airline Kalitta Charters.

Kalitta formerly raced in USAC events. He was the 1991 USAC rookie of the year in the midget series, and won the 1994 championship in the sprint car category. Kalitta won 21 USAC events: 14 in midget races and 7 in sprint competitions.

In 1998 he joined the NHRA, becoming a top fuel drag racer. Kalitta finished second in the top fuel points race in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2016, & 2019 He is fifth on the all-time top fuel wins list; the most recent of his 48 victories (Kalitta also has 104 career final round appearances) came in winning at the U.S Nationals in Indianapolis, September 2, 2019.

Kalitta has a wife, Josie Kalitta, a son Mitchell Kalitta, and a daughter Avery Kalitta. Kalitta's father is the now-deceased Doug Kalitta Sr., and he is the nephew of Connie Kalitta, a member of the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. Scott Kalitta, an NHRA driver who died on June 21, 2008 in a racing accident, was his cousin. He owns the airline Kalitta Charters.


Construction and sailing life of drag racing

She was the first of some 27 yachts which the king owned between 1660 and 1685. The word yacht derives from a Dutch word jagen, meaning to hunt. Her hull was copper clad to ensure that barnacles and other sea creatures did not adhere and cause drag. The Dutch yacht is the fore-runner of the Thames sailing barge. They had a large sail area, but a shallow draught that enabled them to navigate shallow waters. As with a sailing barge, sailing was achieved by means of a leeboard instead of having a deep keel. The shallow draught meant that she needed to carry additional ballast when sailing deeper waters. She was built for luxury with a decorated counter. She is mentioned in the diaries of Samuel Pepys. Charles II enjoyed racing and after owning her for a year commissioned the Katherine as a faster replacement; the first vessel built for him by Phineas Pett.

Mary was then used for transporting diplomats and civil servants and was used regularly for journeys across the Irish Sea between Dublin and Holyhead.


South Platte River Trail Scenic and Historic Byway of drag racing

The South Platte River Trail Scenic and Historic Byway is located in Sedgwick County in northeastern Colorado, just south of the border with Nebraska. It follows the historic trails used during westward expansion. Its 19-mile (31km) route, which includes County Road28 (CR28) and U.S. Highway138 (US138), connects Ovid and Julesburg and encircles the South Platte River. It was designated a Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway in 1991.

There is a trailhead for the byway at the Colorado Welcome Center at Julesburg. Informative placards are found throughout the route to provide additional insight into the area's storied history. Area historic sites, three of which are on the route, include the 19th century Fort Sedgwick, the state's only Pony Express home station, Telegraph Line, and Transcontinental railroad. Other historic sites include the Italian Caves, Devil's Dive, Upper California Crossing, a former Prisoner-of-war camp in Ovid, and the Julesburg Drag Racing Strip. Along the route, informative placards provide information about Fort Sedgwick, the Pony Express, and the Transcontinental Railroad.


Prone bicycle of drag racing

A prone bicycle is a bicycle which places the rider in a prone position. The bottom bracket is located at the bicycle's rear; the rider lies either on a pad or in a hard-shell seat. The prone position of the rider's body can reduce aerodynamic drag and therefore increase the efficiency of the vehicle. It can also be more comfortable or ergonomic than other bicycles.

The first prone bicycle was developed and marketed by the American company Darling in 1897, but most prone bicycles are do-it-yourself constructions. There are few series-production models.

In May, 2012, Graeme Obree announced that the bike he was building for his attempt at setting the human-powered vehicle land speed record is a prone bike.

The attempt was originally to take place in Britain and the currentwhen? record speed is 82.8mph. However, he competed in the 2013 World Human Powered Speed Championships in Battle Mountain, Nevada, where the current record was also set. He achieved a speed of 56.62mph on September 12, 2013.


Filmography of drag racing

FilmAftermath (2017)

Blood Is Blood (2016)

Nightingale (2014)

Snake and Mongoose (2013)

Skyline (2010)

Sinner (2007)

The Rope (2005)

16mm Mystery (2004)

The Intended (2002)

The King Is Alive (2000)

A Little Worm (1995)Music Video"Sound & Color" by Alabama Shakes (2015)

"Kings and Queens" by Thirty Seconds to Mars (2009)

"Song to Say Goodbye" by Placebo (2006)

"Nothing Left to Lose" by Mat Kearney (2006)

"At the Bottom of Everything" by Bright Eyes (2005)

"Stars and Boulevards" by Augustana (2005)

"Swing Life Away" by Rise Against (2005)

"Happy?" by Mudvayne (2005)

"Stronger" by Trust Company (2005)

"Break Down the Doors" by Erick Morillo (2004)

"Cry" by Alex Parks (2004)

"Hysteria" by Muse (2004)

"The Bitter End" by Placebo (2003)

"Dinosaur Adventure 3D" by Underworld (2003)

"Pagan Poetry" by Bjrk (2001)

"Another Chance" by Roger Sanchez (2001)

"Grounded" by My Vitriol (2001)

"Dirge" by Death in Vegas (2000)

"Joy!" by Gay Dad (1999)

"Come with Me" by Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page (1998)

"Furious Angels" by Rob Dougan (1998)

"Please" by U2 (1997)

"Bitter Sweet Symphony" by The Verve (1997)

"Bruise Pristine" by Placebo (1997)

"Where the Wild Roses Grow" by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue (1995)

"White Lines (Don't Do It)" by Duran Duran (1995)

"Live Forever" by Oasis (1995)


Top Alcohol DragsterTop Alcohol Funny CarPro Stock of drag racing

The Pro Stock field was 16 cars. Don Campanello qualified #7, but failed to make the start for round one; his place was taken by #17 qualifier Gary Hansen.

Round oneTop qualifier Bob Glidden, in a 1978 Ford Pinto, eliminated #9 qualifier Lee Hunter's 1977 Ford Mustang. Jean Batteux qualified #13 in a 1977 Pinto, and was defeated by #5 qualifier Kevin Rotty's 1974 Camaro. #2 qualifier Warren Johnson's Camaro was eliminated by the AMC of #10 qualifier Wally Booth. #16 qualifier Brad Yuill's Monza lost to the Camaro of #8 qualifier Mark Yuill. Larry Lombardo, qualified #12 in a 1978 Monza, defeated Sonny Bryant, who qualified #4 in a 1977 Camaro. #3 qualifier Frank Iaconio's Monza defeated the 1976 Duster of #11 qualifier Randy Humphrey. John Hagen qualified #14 in a 1978 Arrow, and was eliminated by Gordie Rivera's Monza. Low qualifier Hansen's 1975 Chevrolet Vega was eliminated by the #15-qualified 1977 Camaro of Tom Chelbana.

Round twoRotty lost to Glidden, Booth to Rivera, Yuill to Lombardo, and Chelbana to Iaconio.

Semi-final roundYuill was eliminated by Lombardo, Iaconio by Gildden.

Final roundGlidden took the win over Iaconio.


McGlashan of drag racing

McGlashan is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Alan McGlashan, MC (18981997), British pilot and doctor

Alexander McGlashan (c.17401797), Scottish violinist

Alastair Robin McGlashan (d. 2012), Anglican priest, a Jungian analyst, Tamil scholar

Charles McGlashan, former member of Marin County Board of Supervisors, California

Charles Fayette McGlashan (18471931), American lawyer, writer, sinophobe, entomologist

Colin McGlashan (born 1964), former Scottish football striker

Don McGlashan (born 1959), New Zealand musician and songwriter

Edward McGlashan (18171889), Member of Parliament in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Hamish McGlashan (born 1963), Australian rower

Jermaine McGlashan (born 1988), English footballer

John McGlashan (footballer) (19672018), Scottish football player and manager

John McGlashan (politician) (18021864), New Zealand lawyer, politician, public servant and educationalist

Peter McGlashan (born 1979), cricketer who has represented New Zealand

Peter A.S. McGlashan (18311908), Confederate officer during the American Civil War

Rosco McGlashan (Born 1950), Australian drag racing record-holder, holder of the Australian land speed record

Sara McGlashan (born 1982), New Zealand cricketer

Stewart McGlashan (18071873) sculptor

Thomas McGlashan (born 1942), American professor of psychiatry at Yale University

Ximena McGlashan (18931986), American entomologist


Nitro Funny Car of drag racing

He began his national Nitro Funny Car career in 1996. He was the first funny car rookie to run over 300mph and the first funny car rookie in the 4s. He went to his first Nitro Funny Car final at the NHRA US Nationals in 1997. He finished 7th in points in 1998. Wilkerson won his first race in Joliet, Illinois in 1999. On September 7, 2003 he won the famed US Nationals. He also won in Reading, Pennsylvania on October 5, 2003. In 2004 he won two races one in Houston, Texas and one in Sonoma, California. In 2006 he ran his career best speed of 330.47mph. He ran his career best elapsed time of 4.723 in 2007 and he finished 15th in the season points.

In 2008 he won six races: Las Vegas, Nevada; Madison, Illinois; Englishtown, New Jersey; Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; and Memphis, Tennessee. He led the NHRA Nitro Funny Car points standings until the 15th event late in the season. He led the Countdown to the Championship and started at the top of the season-ending championship. He went to the final points event second in points and lost the championship to Cruz Pedregon.


Pass roads and the Arlberg tunnel of drag racing

The old pass route was known since the 14th century in the form of a narrow mule track when people began to trade salt in the region. However, because the Arlberg was very poorly developed, for centuries people avoided the route and took detours over the Fern Pass or Immenstadt for trading. The development of the textile industry and of the postal service, however, led to the roads being surfaced in 1824.

With the rise of motor traffic in the 20th century, however, this became inadequate. It was decided that a 14-kilometre-long (9-mile) Arlberg Road Tunnel would be built between Langen and St. Anton. On July 5, 1974, the work began and the passage was opened to traffic on December 1, 1978. The tunnel has a toll; however, the old road over the pass is toll-free. A peculiarity of the tunnel is that it actually consists of two tunnels. On the Tyrolian side it is built over the Rosanna Gorge before the actual massif rises up in the direction of Vorarlberg over the tunnel.

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