Lakers Celtics Haters Are Full of Bull?

There is no room for HATE in sports. Do not just thrown the term around lightly. Save it for Nazis and members of the Klan and real thugs

Lakers Celtics Haters Are Full of Bull? 1

1. girls out there good questions to get girls excited and talking during dates or just any time?

Sorry, I know I am not a girl, but I think I can help you out a bit. Firstly, small talk is good, but it's not what they care about. Ask personalized questions about what they like to do and what their interests are. Sports usually are not a great topic unless they play sports. Save the sports talk for later if at all. Another thing to realize is most women will want to know more about you too. They should not have to ask for everything; offer them something about yourself. That alone can get a topic rolling. One final thing to note: the best question to ask on a first date is, "would you like to dance?" Whether women like to admit it or not, most of them like to dance, and they like guys that are willing to dance, even if not incredibly well. Hopefully that advice serves you well. My only request is you do not use it to "play" women. Be a gentleman. Best of luck.

2. My 10 year old brother is addicted to an online game called Roblox... help?

So can you just give him some hobbies like sports If he's super addicted then bring him to the doctor then after give him a pool And water guns And bring him to friends house to play and give him games for 1 hour a day If they are kids kids give it for 30 min

Lakers Celtics Haters Are Full of Bull? 2

3. Do you think women should wear tennis shoes?

that is sooooo wrong!!! what do you wear if you play sports or go for a hike or do something dirty?! that is your opinion but they do NOT look horrible on females! there are very cute tennis shoes out there and i wear them ALL the time. and also, why would they make sneakers SPECIFICALLY for women? its not like we shop from the mens section to get sneakers!

4. lose your virginity to a gynecologist?

The only experience you have is your own personal experience. You are using the fact that you still have a hymen to make a blanket statement about what is normal. It's not getting violated, it's a medical procedure... wow you are a prude (probably why you still have a hymen at 30). Pelvic exams check for more than sexually transmitted diseases. And a hymen does not define virginity because it CAN be broken by sports, horseback riding, even riding a bike. Did you know that some women are born without a hymen at all!? So I guess they never get to be virgins, huh? Do not be silly. Maybe you should educate yourself before you start calling everyone else misinformed and passing judgement. I sincerely hope you never have kids, you will feed them your stupidity and they will end up not getting the check-ups they need.

5. Any ideas for guy gifts under $20?

itunes card wallet cologne subscription to a magazine he reads or a magazine about one of his hobbies (example: music, sports, gaming, racing, outdoors, etc) subscription to xbox live (if does not already have one) box of his favorite candies (my fiance likes runts, star bursts, sour patch kids, etc) gift card to radio shack, wal-mart, best buy, sporting goods store, or game stop (its a video game store) tickets to a movie, sports game, or music concert poster of his favorite band, singer, sports team or player

6. What should I get my older brother for

does he lik sports? get him a gift crd

7. where can i find recent scores for major sports?

scores and USA Today sports Yahoo sports ESPN Espn Gametime IPOD Have fun

8. plz help me ..very serious problem about masturbation ((girl))..i need medical facts please!!!!?

You cannot break your hymen by masturbating if you do not insert anything. Crossing your legs, humping a pillow or rubbing your clitoris will never cause your hymen to break. However, it's always possible to break your hymen by climbing trees, riding a horse or a bicycle or by doing all kinds of sports (with the possible exception of chess). And some girls are born without a hymen. I hope your family knows this, too.

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