Olar Power New Generation Battery Charging Stations Will Be the Main Mobile Charging Mode of Lithium

Do Rivian vehicles come with any charge cables?

Yes, all Rivian vehicles come standard with our 18' Portable Charger that's designed to plug into a 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet for up to 16 miles of charge per hour, or a standard 120V outlet for a few miles of charge per hour.

The weatherproof, maintenance-free Portable Charger can be easily stowed in the front trunk when not in use.

Olar Power New Generation Battery Charging Stations Will Be the Main Mobile Charging Mode of Lithium 1

Im 14 and me and my friends want to start up a babysitting business i will be in charge and im buying backpack?

you have gotta babysit and build clientelle then, you get the mummy and dad to offer you reccommendations to boot as tell all of their acquaintances approximately you. Im 23 and that i artwork finished time as a shuttle agent yet I own my own babysitting employer to boot. each physique makes use of me because of the fact I babysit the mayors infants, the director of fatherland risk-free practices, infants of properly ordinary legal experts. purely get obtainable and initiate someplace and your employer will do effective. you are nevertheless youthful yet however so which you will purely get so some distance because of the fact some people wont have faith their youngster with a 14 3 hundred and sixty 5 days yet dont permit that discourage you

Can a kitchen company charge you for cherry wood?

you would need to go back to your estimate or invoice and check what it said ..if it says its cherry wood then you have every right to want your money back ..it should not be falling apart anyway

Olar Power New Generation Battery Charging Stations Will Be the Main Mobile Charging Mode of Lithium 2

Is it legal for a Property management company or landlord to charge for a walk through inspection on a rental?

Its legal just how renters have laws to help them so do landlords he did not follow the law exactly but he was in his right to do it. To protect him your evidence is second no matter what. Since your not in the apartment yet. It means they do not want you destroying the place and your photo show it was like that and it really was not .

how much should I charge for recording and editing 800 lines of text?

How much do you think you would want to pay for your audio?Union rates in some areas are around 500-800 dollars a day for an experienced editor or mixer - do not quote me, as this is that last I remember a reference to "the paycheck." If anyone knows, chime in.You also have which currency conversion to consider.I feel charge concordant with your skill, and it seems to work out. Sounds like a good VO session for sure - Good luck! Get some good takes

Where will I charge phone, gopro and camera when travelling ?

Bring extra batteries or power packs

(I prefer an answer from someone who works for Ebay) What would eBay be like if they didn't charge fees?

There would be no ebay. No reason to start a company if there is no profit to be made

My wife's car is losing charge what is going on?

As long as your wife is married to a tall white guy, you have nothing to worry about

how much do you think the average mechanic would charge to replace my fuel pump?

Standard charge for a GM truck is $600 from a private shop. Your Dodge should be similar. You CAN do it yourself. It's pretty easy so long as you do it when the tank is almost empty. I mean the light is on the gauge. Very basic tools. Socket set, brass chisel, hammer. Line tools. Get a pump from Rock Auto or your favorite local parts guy. Drop the tank. Take out the ring on the pump. Remove the pump. Tank SHOULD be fairly clean. Replace pump and ring. Replace lines to pump. Reinstall tank. Fill up and there you go. You KNOW it's going to quit when you have a full tank, right? Just like mine did. Just no smoking

Im 16 an used my mothers debit card without her permission will the bank charge me with a crime or make me pay?

You are a minor. The bank can not sue you even if they wanted to. They can only sue your mother for your actions. They are going to make your mother pay, and then you are going to have to pay your mother. Boy.. If I were your mother, I would not even be worried about asking this question because you would be dead

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