Shanghai Industry and Technology Investment Forum Has Realized the Complete Layout of the Industrial

At the semicon Qian 2018 industry and Technology Investment Forum held in Shanghai on March 15, Ding Wenwu, President of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund Co., Ltd., introduced that by the end of 2017, the large fund had made effective decisions to invest in 67 projects, with a total committed investment of 118.8 billion yuan and an actual investment of 81.8 billion yuan, accounting for 86% and 61% of the total fund-raising of phase I respectively. The investment project covers integrated circuit design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, materials, ecological construction and other links, realizing the complete layout of the industrial chain.

According to Ding Wenwu, among the current committed investments, the capital of the chip manufacturing industry is 65%, the design industry is 17%, the sealing and testing industry is 10%, and the equipment and materials industry is 8%.

Five major areas are covered

According to the introduction of the industry, the significance of the establishment of large funds is not only the financial support, but also the synergy and linkage among participants in the whole domestic semiconductor industry. The diversion of upstream and downstream promotes the flow of production factors, in which the generation of virtual IDM is an important direction. The production link enterprises supported by the National IC industry fund form a docking of resources, and the upstream and downstream enterprises under the manufacturing reconstruction framework will become the beneficiary varieties under the change of production relations.

At present, the establishment of the large fund phase is under way in China. The second phase is planned to raise 150-200 billion yuan, which is planned to be completed this year. The central government, some state-owned enterprises and some local governments will all contribute.

In terms of investment direction, according to Ding Wenwu, general manager of the large fund, in the next step, the large fund will increase the proportion of investment in the design industry (currently accounting for only 17%), make investment planning around national strategies and emerging industries, such as smart cars, smart grids, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5g, etc., and try to support the equipment and materials industry and promote its accelerated development.

China's long time support for big chip funds will continue for the domestic IC industry companies. The listed companies also concentrate on the best quality enterprises in the integrated circuit industry in Chinese mainland. The leading companies in various fields in the industry may be promoted. The integrated electric road industry in China will be determined by the future development trend of leaping strategy.

IC concept stocks will continue to benefit

Specifically, the big fund has invested in SMIC international, Huahong group, Changjiang storage, Shilan micro, etc. in the manufacturing field, jingjiawei, guokewei, Beidou Xingtong, etc. in the design field, the equipment field covers North Huachuang, Changchuan technology, Zhongwei semiconductor, Shenyang tuojing Technology Co., Ltd., and Changdian technology, Jingfang technology Tongfu micro electricity, etc.

As large funds continue to play the role of the capital market, help semiconductor enterprises solve financing bottlenecks, achieve independent development and better integrate with the world, more semiconductor enterprises will be invested in the future, and IC concept stocks will continue to benefit.

Shanghai Industry and Technology Investment Forum Has Realized the Complete Layout of the Industrial 1

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